Washington DC

Kristen had to travel to Washington DC to film the final episode of her TLC Webisode – “A Conception Story.” I tagged along as they were keeping her up in Georgetown, and it was a good opportunity to see some of our friends who live in the area.  We met up with our friend Bob who lives there part-time for his business, and our other friend Jamie and his sister out at Little Ethiopian restaurant.  We love Ethiopian food, despite the many detracting comments about the presentation or its looks.  If you have never tried Ethiopian food, you definitely need to expand your gastronomical horizons as you are missing out!

Little Ethiopia in DC

This gathering at Little Ethiopia was also a good opportunity to tell some of our friends about our upcoming adoption and the process.  It really is nice to have friends who are very supportive.  You will see more posts in the future about our adoption.

Anyhow, Kristen filmed the final group episode the next day at the Swedish Embassy, and I roamed DC with my camera taking pictures.  We ended the day at Georgetown Cupcakes, which solidified my thoughts that Kristen should really start her own cupcake/confection company (we are in talks).  Her cupcakes were just as good as the ones that we waited 20 minutes in line for (nuts!).  I’m sure she will blog about this new endeavor as it gets off the ground.

Here are a few of the photos that I took while I was walking around aimlessly.


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