An Adoption Story

Boy meets Girl.  Boy runs into Girl at a bar; they talk and share a drink.  Boy tells Girl he lived in L.A.  Girl googles Boy.  It was true.  Girl and Boy date.  Girl and Boy get married.  Boy quits job and starts his own business.  Girl runs ultra-marathon.  Girl and Boy decide they want a baby.  Girl and Boy realize that it is easier said than done.  Girl and Boy get Dog.  Girl, Boy, and Dog decide to adopt Child from Ethiopia.  Child is loved already.

OK . . . while that’s all true, it’s just not that simple. Even before we were engaged, we decided that we would, someday, adopt a child. It was something that we agreed on from the get-go; there was no discussion needed. We assumed, though, that we would have a couple of biological kids first. That’s what everyone does, after all, right? Well….no.

Venice, Italy

We always knew it could be a struggle for us to have biological children for reasons we won’t get into here. If you want to know the whole story, we’ll chat over a beer. Or two. Though we knew it could be a struggle, we still felt confident that we would have at least one child that was a little like S and a little like Kristen. Throughout the majority of 2010, we went through a process of assisted fertilization in an attempt to conceive. The result? Nada. Nothing.

While that was heart-breaking, we always had adoption on the mind. We knew we would do it someday anyway. We just didn’t realize that “someday” was going to be so soon.

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, we sent a 67-page dossier – basically a big packet of papers that shows we are legitimate citizens with the means to provide for a child – to the U.S. Government. That dossier has gone through the U.S. State Department, through the Ethiopian Embassy in D.C., and is now on it’s way to the Ethiopian government.

What’s next? Waiting. Lots of waiting. What will we do while we wait? S will play kickball and watch terrible reality tv in the name of “research”. Kristen will run and bake and eat and run. Spiro will chew on things.

As we navigate this process, we’ll keep you updated. Since S has a bunch of gadgets and software that he keeps telling Kristen is really necessary to further his career, we will be able to post amazingly beautiful and creative videos of our journey. We hope you will follow us. Feel free to comment, but keep in mind that Spiro will be reading the posts. If he doesn’t like what you write, he will lick you and quite possibly fart in your presence. Consider yourself warned. (Yes, we did just say “fart”.)

I will fart on you.

One thought on “An Adoption Story

  1. You are truly beautiful people, I am honored to know you and to share in your journey with you.

    Prayers and blessings for your next steps… and I’ll take that beer or two with you 🙂 or maybe a coffee and two cookies!

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