I Must Be Some Kind of Idiot

As Jen and I finished our 50K today, I heard myself saying, “This is stupid. This is so stupid. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever done.”

Most of you would probably agree with me. After all, who the crap runs 50K (that is 31 miles for those raised on standard units of measure) for no good reason. No t-shirt. No medal. No schwag. Nada. Why was I doing this? Because I’m a sucker for my friends.

Jen climbing Hawk Rock

Jen is training for Hellgate, which is a 100K race (double what we did today – no kidding), and it’s a killer. Check out the elevation profile: www.roanoke.com/multimedia/hellgate/interactive.html. The climbs dwarf the Sears Tower. Ouch.

We did a 50K on Halloween weekend and had an absolute blast. I hadn’t been able to train sufficiently for it, but had a great time and no ill effects afterwards. She told me she needed to do another 50K run this weekend and asked if I was game. I put up a fight – a weak, girlie fight – and said sure. My stupid self suggested going from the Scott Farm Work Center in Carlisle to Duncannon. I had never run the Appalachian Trail between Marysville and Duncannon. I had hiked to Hawk Rock a number of times growing up, but never knew what was beyond it.

Dang. It was hard. It was the rockiest trail I’d ever “run”. Not that we really ran it, in either direction. The way out, though, was definitely easier than the way back, despite the “aid station” stock-up. (Major shout-out to my brother who brought all our food, and his adorable kids, to meet us at the Tom’s Gulf station in Duncannon. What a lift!)

I started cursing Jen for bringing me out. I started to get whiney. I started to get cloudy vision. I started to wish I had asked my brother for a ride. I realized I was never going to make the church annual meeting. Oops. I had figured we’d be done by 2ish and home by 3ish. We finished at 4:30. I was home at about 5:30. Dang again.

So, yes. I am stupid. But you know what? I kinda like that. I’m going to have to buy S one of those “I’m with stupid t-shirts”.


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