I be a college graduate

I did it. I finally did it. After taking one or two or five classes per year for fourteen years, I am finally done. Hallelujiah! Sweet! Woohoo! Yippee!

There were many times that I wanted to quit. I have a good job and I obviously can be successful without a piece of paper from an institution of higher education. Due to pressure from work and from society in general, though, I continued to read, write papers, read, have crying fits, read, listen to lectures, and – oh yes – read.  I had never considered the amount of work involved in majoring in English. Wow. I usually put in about 20 hours of reading and writing per week, on top of driving to and attending class. I missed a lot of living during that time.

I picked English because I like to read and write. Many people asked me why I didn’t go for something business or IT related since I’m in a job that relates to both fields. I wanted to study something I liked – plain and simple. I don’t plan on working in IT for the rest of my life. No thank y

Santa came to my graduation party.


Just about everyone asks me if I’m going to teach. My answer is a quick no. I considered elementary education years ago but realized it wasn’t for me. I have no desire to teach English. I felt that it was something that had wider application, but apparently most people don’t think of it that way.  We have to read and write no matter what we do in life, so why not take some time to really get good at that?  Anyway……

I didn’t go to my graduation. There was just no appeal whatsoever. Instead, I went to breakfast at the Hershey Pantry with S, my dad, my brother, my cousin, my grandma, my in-laws, and S’s grandma. It was wonderful. Later that day, S threw a party at our house. More than 30 of our friends came over and enjoyed the delicious food S made. Santa even made an appearance and handed out gifts to all of our guests. It was one of the best days of my life. No kidding.

So, in closing: No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks. When the teacher rings the bell, drop your books and run like…….well, you know. (Let’s keep it rated G, shall we?)


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