Patience is a virtue…and I want it now!

We belong to a Yahoo! group for families who are adopting from Ethiopia. I read the daily digest every day. I read about families traveling for their court dates and then traveling for homecoming. I’m happy for those families, of course, but I can’t help but feel jealous.

We know that the rest of the process is completely out of our control, and that we just have to wait.  As Mr. Petty once said, “Waiting is the hardest part.” He hit the proverbial nail on the head with that one. We have to just go about our lives, waiting for an email from our agency telling us that we have a child. We have a brief moment of power back, when we get to decide to accept the child. But upon acceptance, we relinquish that control again. Then we wait for word to travel halfway across the world to meet our child. Then we appear before a judge. Then we are told to return home – without our child. Then we wait. We will wait having already met and held that precious child. We will wait with empty arms. We will wait with a furnished nursery – with a crib, a dresser, toys – missing only the child. We will wait in wonder. How long will we wait? Maybe 6 weeks. Maybe 4 months. Maybe more.

Let me tell you something. When we get our child home, I am wrapping him or her in bubble wrap and keeping him/her on a leash. How can I risk losing something so precious?


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