I hate winter in PA

I hate this cold winter crap. I really do. What’s odd is that about 6 or 7 years ago, I absolutely loved winter. I mean, I LOVED it. I would never wear a coat unless it was actually snowing – which drove people crazy – and even then, sometimes it was more trouble than it was worth. But now I hate it. I especially hate the wind. And the ice. And the snowdrifts. And that pile of snow that the snowplow pushes at the end of your driveway that turns into an icy barricade.

With that said, I love, love, LOVE my warm running clothes. And I sweat like a whore in church on some of these 10-20 degree runs with no wind. At that point, I don’t mind the cold so much. At least I don’t have to be half exposed in shorts and a tank top, exposing all sorts of pasty-white flesh to that fire-ball in the sky that most people affectionately call the sun.

But I am soooo over this. Winter – take your snow and shove it up your ice! 

(That sounded way better in my head, by the way.)


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