Where babies come from

We love our little boy! We haven’t held him or hugged him or kissed him. We haven’t heard him cry or laugh. All we have seen are seven photos via email. All we know is what is contained in his medical report. In our ignorance is complete and utter bliss.

When we started our Ethiopian adoption journey, we were hopeful that we would have our referral of a newborn by March 2011. We were told to expect a somewhat older child, so we adjusted to that idea. We had been told recently that it would probably be June before we got a referral. We were terribly disappointed, but tried to remain optimistic. We heard about the pending changes in the adoption process. We braced ourselves for a long, long journey.

I got an email from the director of our agency last Wednesday night while S was at volleyball. I texted him and told him to come home asap. I started crying and doing this weird nervous-anxious-I’m-gonna-vomit jumping up and down at me. I think Spiro farted. When S got home – at about 10pm – we opened the email. She said that we were 4th on the list for a girl, and next for a boy. She said we could expect a referral for a boy within a week if we were still open to either sex. A boy? A week? Of course we responded with a hearty YES!

When I got home from the gym the next morning around 7:15am, we had another email that said little more than “Stand by”. When I came downstairs to make my coffee after my shower, I had another email in which she asked if she could call me. I told her to call and then I did that jump-wanna-vomit thing again. I drank some coffee to calm my nerves. Yeah – after the fact I realized that part wasn’t smart.

She called and told us that she just got 4 baby boys. My jaw dropped. 4 baby boys! We found out that we, along with several other families, were going to be parents. I just about passed out. We sat impatiently by the computer, awaiting his photos.  She told us that he was super tiny, and that the pictures were bad. She told us that he was malnourished, but that he would respond super fast to nourishment. When the pictures finally came through, I burst into tears. He was so tiny and frail looking. I wanted to reach through the computer – through that interweb thing (that might catch one some day) – and scoop up his tiny little body and never let it go. Instead, all I could do was sit here on my stool in the kitchen and wish.

We accepted the referral for him, and then realized that we would be his parents and he would be our son. I looked at the photo again and realized that he was beautiful. Simply beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at him, but had to leave for a meeting.

We cannot post his picture here or on our Facebook page until he is home with us. We have no clue when he will be home with us. Until recently – today, in fact – it has been taking about 6 months to get a child home after acceptance of referral. As of today, they will review significantly less cases each day, which could lengthen our wait as much as 18 months. We are enjoying some happy time now, since we know there is a torturous wait ahead of us.

I love my Little Dude.


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