…so if I’m bitchy, please forgive me.

On the heels of the great news about having a son, we get the crappy news that things are once again a-changing in Ethiopia. On Thursday March 10 – one week after we accepted the referral of our precious 5-week old baby boy – the Ministry of Women’s Affairs reduced the number of cases it will see greatly. No one is quite sure if this change will stick, and the hope is obviously that it does not. There are some proposed compromises that sound good, and I am praying that one of those will go through. If they do not, it will be over a year until we greet our little one. Cases already in progress will likely be delayed about a year.

I really hope that things either go back to the way they were before, or some sort of middle ground is found. I cannot fathom waiting that long. It has been 9 days since we first saw his face, and it already feels as though it is taking too long. I found myself in tears yesterday at work while gazing at his picture. I was wondering if he was hungry…if someone was getting to feed him in time….if he was being held enough….if he needed changed. It was driving me nuts. I know that he is in good care, and I have to trust. I have to have faith.

And so….if I am a little (or a lot) bitchy, please forgive me. My mind is likely elsewhere – like half a world away.


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