Happy half-birthday to me!

Today is my (Kristen’s) half-birthday. It has been 6 months since I turned 32, and will be 6 months until I turn 33. I expected the day to be like any other day. My shin is bugging me, and I am afraid it is something serious. I have been getting mopey lately because I am here and my baby is waaaaaaaaaaay over there. I check my email as often as possible and wait for an email with our court date.

I understood that the next step in the process was a court date which we would not attend. Though we wouldn’t be going yet, I was still anxiously awaiting the email that would tell me we were moving forward. I felt certain that it was coming. I really thought this morning that it was going to be really, really soon. I was really bummed at lunch. I came home and checked my email before cracking open the fridge. Nada. I went back to work and – shhhhhh – checked the agency’s website. I wanted to see if our little plane had moved, and maybe we were the last to know. Nuttin.

Something caught my eye just before I closed the web browser. I saw an annoucement from the agency director. She said she will be going back to Ethiopia at the end of the month for a quick trip. I shot her a quick email. What follows is our conversation, which took place in just a few minutes via email:

Me: I saw your note which said you are going back to Ethiopia at the end of the month for a quick trip. Will your trip include a stop at [orphanage name]? If so, can we send more things over for our son?

Her: I  will only be there a few days and I won’t be going to [orphanage name]. But your child is in [city name] so I possibly would see him.. but since you will be there a month later, would it be ok if you just brought the items?

Me: What do you mean…..”since you will be there a month later”????

Her: I sent you an email.. didn’t you get it?  Your court date is May 27!

Me: No, I didn’t. If you sent it to my home email address after 12:30, I was already gone.  This is the court date that we actually travel for?

Her:  yes, the email said: your court date is May 27.  Please arrive by the 26 and you can leave the 30th.. please send flight info and where you will be staying!

Me: OK. I am seriously floored. You are absolutely sure you are talking to the right person here, right? Because I am on the verge of vomiting……from excitement.  (Note: I really was about to vomit. Once before we were given good news, but then they realized they were looking at the wrong file. I was so afraid that was the case again.)

Her: oh, darn.. my mistake. This message was for S and Kristen _____ who are adopting Abel Tadesse from Ethiopia!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂   YES IT IS FOR YOU!   (Another note: I saw the preview window for this message in the bottom corner of my screen and all I saw was the sender and the words “oh, darn..my mistake”. I seriously almost puked.)

I was sobbing uncontrollably and shaking like a leaf. I called S immediately, but was crying so hard I could barely speak. Of course he thought something was wrong. When I got off the phone with him, I sobbed harder. My co-worker walked over to make sure everything was okay. When she saw me wiping my tears with the sandpaper napkins from the kitchenette, she brought me a box of Puffs.

So what a day. I was certain good news was a-comin’, but that last email check at 12:30pm left me really sad. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.  When I got home after this whirlwind of a day, I saw her message. It was sent at 12:38pm! WOW!

What’s next, you ask? We are going to look at flights tomorrow and Friday. We need to be over there by May 26th, so that leaves us a little less than 6 weeks. We have to make arrangements for Spiro. We have to keep our emotions in check. We have to wait. Oh – but guess what makes that all a little easier? We got a DVD of our little man today! It was taken on March 21st – the same date as our last pictures. WE GOT TO SEE HIM MOVE! He was a sleepy, squirmy little fella. He’s amazing.


One thought on “Happy half-birthday to me!

  1. Oh, praise the Lord!! Sounds like you got the surprise birthday (half or not) gift of your lifetime. God rocked this one! We’re so happy for you and will continue to pray him home. Much aloha!

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