Leather or Crystal

Today is our third wedding anniversary. Tradition states that our gifts should be of leather, while modernity (possibly influenced by PETA?) dictates crystal. I would love to meet the chick who devised these lists. (Note: I’m certain a chick picked these out; men would have offered up gifts like power drill, beer, beef jerky, Phillies hats, etc.) What was she thinking when she came up with those ideas? What would I get at our ten-year anniversary? Tin or aluminum. Wow. Thank goodness Giant has their brand of aluminum foil on bonus buy quite often. We could get enough to wrap the house or something.

We don’t make a big deal of our anniversary. For our first anniversary, we had planned, against my better financial judgement, to spend a night in New York City. We had reservations at a fantastic restaurant for dinner, and tickets to see ‘Shrek’ on Broadway. The next morning, I was going to run to Central Park, and S was going to rent a bike and accompany me as I ran my own little half marathon. Afterwards, we were going to get what looked like the best breakfast in the world. We were really excited. Then our first “baby”, Sir Wiggums, got really sick. He got really sick really fast. Within a week he lost function in the back half of his body and we had to have him put to sleep. It was horrible. We were in no mood to go to NYC, and had spent all of our trip money on him. It was not a pleasant first anniversary.

Neither one of us can remember what we did last year. I see nothing in my old planner except “2-year anniversary!” written above the date in my day-planner. We probably exchanged cards, changed into our pjs and made a nice dinner. That’s kind of what we do here.  Our second anniversary was not memorable.

We were looking forward to our third anniversary with anticipation. Months ago we signed up for a Warrior Dash (www.warriordash.com) on May 22, and decided to eschew tradition and get mud for our anniversary. We made plans to camp out overnight, do the race, have a beer, and then chill at home. Then we got word that our WD trip would be immediately followed by a visit to see our son. We were thrilled! What a great anniversary: mud, beer and OUR BABY!!

Our joy was dashed on Saturday when we learned that our court hearing has to be postponed indefinitely. We have been mopey and sad (are they two dwarfs??) ever since. We are still going to our Warrior Dash weekend, but it’s with heavy hearts. Hopefully those heavy hearts don’t weigh us down so much that we sink in the mud, or can’t hop over the fire. Third anniversary – boohoohoo.

I love my husband. He is the hottest Asian ever, sweet, funny, charismatic, sensitive, loving, confident, supportive, strong, and a host of other things that will remain between us.  He is a wonderful husband, a fabulous doggie-daddy to the Ninja, and he is already a tremendous father to Little Dude. Happy anniversary, my love.


One thought on “Leather or Crystal

  1. He is the hottest Asian I’ve ever seen too. This will only make your marriage stronger…hold each other tighter…we’re all here supporting you guys. Our love runs deep for Elijah already. Hopeful, Allie

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