Dear Little Dude

Dear Little Dude:

We haven’t met yet, but we are your mommy and daddy. If you look up from your crib, you’ll see our picture hanging there on a piece of yarn. I’m the pasty white girl, and daddy is the really handsome Asian guy. We were in Guatemala when that picture was taken. That’s another faraway place where we will take you some day, but that will be after we bring you to your home in Harrisburg. Missing from that photo is your doggie, Spiro. He’s really nice and will lick your toes when you’re here. It tickles.

You are 4 months and 11 days old today. You are physically 8,000 miles away from us, but we hold you so close in our hearts at all times. We look at your pictures every day.  I catch Daddy staring at your photo on his iPad a lot. Sometimes we talk to your pictures too, and we even took you camping with us. I think you liked it. We talk about you as much as people will tolerate, and keep on talking even when they look bored. We are so anxious for you to be home with us. Right now, this is just a house. It has everything it needs to be a home except for one thing….you.

You have no idea how much we love you; we can’t put it into words. Our friends and family love you too. Cousins Kendra and Stevie sent you a gift to help start your college fund. Aunt Cindy brought us a photo album which is already full of your photos. Willa & Patrick gave us a beautiful frame, and Lisa gave us a fantastic journey book so we can document everything from now until your first birthday. You already have gifts of clothes and toys from Jolene & Justin, Steve & Nora, Grandma & Grandpa Mam and Vickie & Kevin.  Can you believe it? All that stuff is for you! They are so excited to meet you, but not as excited as we are.

It is so incredibly hard for us to be sitting here, waiting for you. We thought we were going to be able to meet you at the end of May. We had our plane tickets and everything. We were so excited to be able to hold you. We didn’t care if you cried the whole time we were there! It was just going to be so great to hold you and hear you, rather than to continue to imagine it. But then we found out we were not able to visit. We were devastated. We have been very sad ever since. The only thing that makes us happy right now is watching the video of you wiggling around.  We even heard you make a noise!

We still don’t know when we can come. But please don’t worry; we will be there as soon as we are allowed. Nothing and no one is more important to us right now than you. If we have to run to you, we will (though in that case, I’ll beat Daddy there).

We love you so, so much and cannot wait to see you.

With kisses, hugs and lots of love,

Mommy & Daddy (and Spiro too!)

P.S.  Just so you know, Daddy is going to be filming you and taking pictures of you pretty much all the time. It’s not a cliche – he makes movies and tv shows for a living. You’ll get used to it fast. Just humor him and smile, okay?


One thought on “Dear Little Dude

  1. Wow Kris & Sovanna, awesome note to your beautiful son…our hearts are in faith waiting for you to all be able to hold each other close, now & always. Love each one of you (even Spiro who sits on my foot when I come by :0) Aunt Cindy

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