In case God read blogs too…

We are praying for good news. We just learned that no decision has been made to schedule our court date yet. That decision should come around July 10th. We are hoping and praying that we will get a July court date. If we don’t, we most likely won’t get in until October, since the courts are closed throughout most of August and September due to the severe rains received in that area.

So…..God….we pray that you hear our prayers, and move the hearts and minds of those in the decision-making positions. We pray that they allow our hearing to be scheduled for July, and that we pass on the first try. Throughout all of this, we pray that you keep Little Dude safe and healthy, and for his continued growth. We pray for the nannies in the home – that they are given strength and patience. I know they love Little Dude and the other children, and provide a loving, nurturing temporary home while they wait for their forever homes. Thank you for such wonderful, giving people in such a faraway place. They are doing for Little Dude what we wish we could do, and we thank them for it.



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