What a freaking week. On Monday we were happy to receive a phone call telling us that the previous hold on our case (any many others) had been lifted. We were hopeful that we would travel before the end of July, and confident that it would be before the end of October. We tried to keep our emotions in check, but started assembling the paperwork we’d need for our court trip.

That happiness lasted about 72 hours. On Thursday morning we found out the our son’s orphanage was closed and that he and a few hundred other children were taken somewhere by the government. We don’t know why the orphanage was closed.  We don’t know where the kids were taken. We don’t know who has the kids. And we don’t know when we will know anything more. We do know that everything – including the final outcome of our adoption – is uncertain. This is simply crushing.

We are praying for good news. Unforunately the courts in the country close for the majority of August and September, and we have no idea if that will have any impact the current situation. If you are the praying type, please pray that this will get sorted out and that our adoption of our precious little boy will continue. Also, I have shared a fair bit of what I know at this time. I would ask that you please do not ask me more questions about what I’ve outlined. It’s extremely difficult to talk about right now, and I don’t want to do it.  Words of encouragement, hugs, chocolate (do they make any that’s calorie free?) and prayers are what I’m looking for right now.


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