I need to break away from all of the boohoohoo-ing I have been doing lately. This entry is a total departure from previous ones…..

We decided to sign up for our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program at Spiral Path Farms (www.spiralpathfarm.com). Spiral Path Farm is a certified organic farm in good old Perry County. I had heard great things about their program so I finally decided to sign up. We picked up our first delivery at the beginning of June.

We are getting a medium share, which is great for two people – especially when one is a most-of-the-time vegan. I get so excited every Wednesday when I get to pick up my share. It’s like Christmas every week! This morning I got 4 ears of corn, a green pepper, a tomato, 2 beautiful zukes, 2 cucumbers, a big head of lettuce, 2 yellow squash (or is it squashes?), and green beans. Since I signed up early and paid in full, I am getting all of this for only $21. It is freaking awesome.

Last week we got a nice head of cabbage. What does any good, central PA-raised girl do with a head of cabbage?  Stuffed cabbage rolls, of course!! Traditional stuffed cabbage – at least as my mama made it – has ground beef and rice in it . . . a cheap meal. Ground beef was a no-no in this case, so I just decided to wing it. I pulled out pretty much every piece of produce in the fridge and sauteed it (1/2 of a red pepper, a pack of mushrooms, a white onion, a zuke, 4 small red potatoes and garlic) in some canola oil. (Note: nearly all of that produce was from Spiral Path.) After a bit I added a little bit of Trader Joe’s veggie stock to soften everything up a bit. I let all of that cook for a while and made a pot of brown rice spiked with some cayenne pepper. Once all of that was done, I combined it all in a big bowl. At that point I realized that I made enough to feed everyone in Waverly Woods. Yikes!

The first few leaves of cabbage were great for stuffing and rolling, but then  – not so much. I took the rest of the cabbage and ripped it into small pieces and layered it with crushed tomatoes and the rice/veg mixture and made a huge casserole. After about 45 minutes in the oven, we were ready to chow down. My darling husband, who puts up with my aversion to meat, topped his with a 3-cheese blend. I topped mine with cheddar veggie shreds (vegan alternative to cheese). We sat down to the table and he eyed it up. Stuffed cabbage rolls are certainly not something he grew up eating! I was truly pleased with how the dish turned out, and S said it was pretty good. To please a meat eater with such a dish is a good thing. We have tons of leftovers, and I am excited to have it again. The only problem is that I have so many more yummy veggies to play with! Thankfully we have a big freezer.

If I had a picture I’d post it, but at the time I didn’t think about blogging about it. Next time!




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