Holy turn of events, Batman!

Adoption is a crazy, crazy thing.  Thursday night – just 4 days ago – we were crying our eyes out, and I was huddled in a ball – because we weren’t getting good news about our son. It looked like we could lose him altogether. We were in so much pain. It was so hard to be lighthearted, which made attending social events tricky.

Yesterday we got the best call in ages. They found our son! We were so happy to hear those words. The uncertainty of the situation was so rough. But then we got crazy news…we have a court date on August 4! Up until a few weeks ago, the families would travel for their court dates and meet their children a day or two before it took place. Due to the circumstances of our case, that is not happening. Because of that, only one of us really needs to travel. Since S’s job is much more flexible than mine, he is leaving today for Ethiopia and will attend the court hearing alone. If you know me, you know that I am already prepping him with answers, and will be worried SICK until I hear from him after the hearing.

But wait….there’s more….we will be able to get Little Dude next Monday. We do not get to bring him home, but we will get to spend a few days with him, and then we will know where he is for the duration of his time there. I am traveling for that part. I am leaving either Thursday night or Friday in order to be in Ethiopia by Sunday morning. I am a TERRIBLE flyer – simply terrible. I hate flying and usually require a bloody mary (for morning flights) or a rum and coke  (for afternoon/evening flights) to get through them. Flying alone to Africa is NOT my idea of a good time, but I am going to put on my big girl panties and do it. Please pray for my nerves and that I don’t vomit on some unsuspecting seatmate.

So that’s the scoop. Things are crazy right now. If there was one lesson I learned when doing mission work in Guatemala it was: “be flexible”. We are employing that now, big-time. Thank goodness I’m pretty bendy!


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