The debate begins

I dropped S off at HIA at 5:30am this morning. He just got to Dulles. He will then fly first-class straight to Addis Ababa. The only available ticket to get him there with enough time to ensure he won’t miss the court hearing was first class.  Ouch to the pocketbook, but how nice will that 13-hour flight be for him!  His trip was so easy. Mine, on the other hand, is not. I have to get my arse and luggage to JFK for an 11pm flight on Friday night. I will fly 10 hours via Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, have a 5-hour layover, and then fly 5 hours to Addis Ababa, arriving at 12:15am Sunday morning. We are returning separately too. He will again flying straight into Dulles and then to HIA, at which point his parents will probably get him and the dog (who will be at a kennel near the airport). I am not sure how I am getting back, but a darling high school friend is helping me out and my trip may involve a bus between JFK and Easton.

Thank God for friends. We are relying heavily on them right now. They are getting us to and from airports, taking care of our dog, picking up our mail, watering my three pathetic plants out back, getting us formula to take over, and doing countless other things. Our 7 neighbors came over last night for an impromptu happy hour – all in their workout clothes or jammies. It was great. I love my neighbors.

So, friends, I need to ask you one more thing.  I am not good at flying at all. I have real issues with motion. I have to do both trips by myself. I have a prescription for Lunesta, which I may or may not take. The idea of being knocked out and leaving my passport and money vulnerable – even if close to my body – does not sit well with me. Here’s the question: Do I take the ladybug neck pillow?

“Should I stay or should I go?” quoth Lady Bug

2 thoughts on “The debate begins

  1. Lady bug may help stabalize your neck while you nap… she will tuck around a suitcase handle pretty nicely while traveling. I vote yes. Prayers and love sent, and more coming. Kristi

  2. Hey–I used to fly about once every month or two months for LVC–now, it wasn’t a 10 hour flight (5-7 hrs tops), but my little neck pillow was a lIfesaver. It’s the only way to sleep upright. And I’m a horrible, light sleeper–but on a flight that long, you’ll be glad for an hour or two of sleep.

    I am not crazy about flying either–never took a sleep aid–but a glass of wine and a dullish book always did help!

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