It takes a social network to adopt a child

Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us in 1996. I’ll admit that I never read the book, but I heard a little about it and know that she discusses the impacts those outside of the family have on children. During the past few days, so many people have offered to help me in a number of ways and I decided I’d like to write the follow-up to Ms. Rodham Clinton’s book: It Takes a Social Network to Adopt a Child.

Since Monday morning so many friends and family members have sprung into action to help us – mostly me. I can’t imagine that I will ever have the chance to repay everyone, but I will most certainly try.

  • Our 7 wonderful neighbors came over and the drop of a hat and saw S off with a toast.
  • Diane, Anne and Jessica M. supplied me with formula to take to the transition house, which is in great need.
  • Jeremy, Sanita, Jessica B., Willa and Eric all offered to help get me to and/or from JFK. Well, I asked Eric but he said yes so he gets mad credit.
  • Jenn C., Jolene, Kristen F. and Rae Lynn (plus maybe some others?) offered me luggage.
  • Kym, Megan C., Izzy, Denise and others gave me tips on finding Phillies stuff.
  • Jessica M. introduced me to space bags and Dreft, plus hooked Little Dude up with some more Phillies gear.
  • Jessica R. (I know a ton of Jessica’s!) is giving me advice on taking care of a 6-month since I’m clueless.
  • Niki C., Nicole E., Miranda, Jessica B. and the Pastors Geib all offered to help with Spiro Ninja. Jessica and family are keeping him while we’re in Ethiopia and Pastor Richard is house-sitting while we’re in Vegas.
  • My dear Aunt Cindy is picking up our dry-cleaning since we had a wedding last weekend and have a wedding next weekend.
  • Vickie is watering my plants, getting my mail and taking out the garbage.
  • My mom got me some essentials for Little Dude, such as diapers, wipes, bibs.
  • Jane and Amy M. helped me burn off nervous energy by getting up at the arse-crack of dawn to run.
  • Countless friends and family sent us emails, called us, and posted to our walls to wish us well, to congratulate us, and to offer even more support.

With friends and families like ours we just can’t go wrong. Thank you all for your love and support.

Oh – and I must thank the Ninja. He sensed something was up on Monday. He’s always a good dog, but he has been EXTRA good since then – and borderline angelic since S left.  We hit the jackpot with that dog!


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