Four hours closer…

I arrived in Addis Ababa at o’dark hundred on Sunday morning after a long drive to JFK (courtesy of the best cousin ever – Eric), a ten hour flight to Istanbul, almost missing my connection to Addis Ababa, and then five more hours in the air. S and our driver Zabana (ha!) were there to meet me and to witness my utter confusion while trying to get our of the baggage claim area. I never had to have my baggage stayed on the way out the door before!
Sleep did not come easily. We got back to the guest house around 1:30am, and stayed up chatting until probably about 3 – in our postage stamp sized room. It has a double bed, a small nightstand and nothing else – not even a closet. Tomorrow it will somehow also have a crib! Once we finally decided it was bedtime, all of the dogs in the streets started barking. Soon after that we could hear the call to prayer from the mosque. That went on for hours.
After a shower we went downstairs for breakfast. It was all sorts of fried bread stuff. I was hungry so I ate it, but it was nit great. The coffee looked like sludge, as Ethiopian coffee typically does, but tasted good and cured me of my wretched headache. Can we say addict?
During breakfast I got to meet the other families. Judy has 2 kids from Guatemala and is adopting 2 from Ethiopia, but only able to see one on this trip. Holly and Mark have 3 kids and are adopting 2 girls. Bonnie and Justin are new parents to 2 kiddos. Jen and Matt are also new parents to a baby boy.
With all of our paperwork in hand, we all piled into two vans and drove four hours south, where we are staying overnight. Tomorrow we will continue south to the orphanage where are children are. We will then return with: one translator/case worker, two drivers, nine adults and seven kids under age four. It is going to be a loud, crazy drive home. Three couples are pretty clueless about babies, so we are extra anxious.
Hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have enough of a wifi connection to post our first family photo. And hopefully Little Dude is not crying in it!
Oh – and let me take a moment to comment on the driving here. All I can say is yikes! We can’t agree on which is worse – Ethiopia or Guatemala. I say Ethiopia but S says Guatemala. The driver said that the only rule of the road here is ‘don’t die’. Sometimes they come close to violating those rules, but they always manage. We share the roads literally with pedestrians, cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs and carts pulled by various creatures. It’s just how things are here, and no one is phased by it in the least. The drivers here have amazing reflexes and do not miss a thing!


One thought on “Four hours closer…

  1. haha! Totally lost it at the rhyme of your husband and driver. We’re watching for all new posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Love to you all

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