Praise the Lord!!

After months of waiting and praying, and waiting and praying, and waiting and praying, Little Dude and our new friends’ children were released today! The 6 little tikes made the arduous 6-hour trek from their “temporary” orphanage to the bustling capital city of Addis Ababa today. They arrived safe and sound around 6pm local time (10am EST).

I won’t mince words; we have gone through pure hell for the last 3 weeks. Even beyond that, the last several months have been very, very difficult. I will not be going into the details here, at least not now. We still have some hurdles to get over, but a major one was overcome today. We are hoping to have him home in a couple of months or so. We are elated.

Oh yeah. S posted what he considered to be “cryptic” status updates over the last few days, swearing that no one would figure out he was going to Ethiopia. Well, some of you did, and we now have confirmation that a future in the CIA is not on the horizon for him! So yes, S booked a ticket on Tuesday morning and flew over the next day (yesterday). He arrived just after 8:30am (local time) this morning. He didn’t realize the time difference and called me at 3 and 4am this morning. Like I cared! I was on pins and needles waiting for news. He told me he expected to be holding Little Dude by about 6pm or so (his time). By 10am I was a ball of nerves. After what we had been through recently, I wasn’t going to feel okay until I knew S had him in his arms.

I came home for lunch at noon. I said hi to the dog, and went to open the fridge when the phone rang. It was S. And Little Dude. He then FaceTimed me (it’s like Skype) and I was able to see them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little Dude looks so good. S said he has gained weight. He was quiet at first but then S and the woman at the guest house starting making faces and silly sounds and then Little Dude started babbling away and giggling. It was the most beautiful sound I ever heard. I got to talk to him for several more minutes. Spiro kissed the iPad (sorry S) when he saw Little Dude – no joke….but that dog licks everything so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

S gets to have Little Dude with him at the guest house for the next full week. He will be a full-time single dad. Picture that! I love it, but at the same time am incredibly jealous. (Though I am currently a single pit bull mama, does that count?) He does have other adoptive families there and the guest house staff to help him. Say a prayer or two for him, would you?

I look forward to my daily (or more frequent) “chats” with my son. Moreover, I look forward to my trip to pick him up, and I hope it’s soon.

Oh – one more thing! I have ignored many emails, texts and phone calls from many of you during recent weeks. I have bailed on baby showers, taking food to friends who had just had babies, work, social outings, and running. It’s nothing against any of you, I swear. Things were so hard that we (mainly I) really started retreated inward. It was way easier to do that. I hope you will understand and forgive me for being a sub-par friend!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!!

  1. What a wonderful message!! A true Thanksgiving to you and your family!! You have my prayers for your son and your husband during this stay. Hugs!

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