Back on this rant

A word of advice to you all: Please don’t tell parents what milestones their children should be hitting. Kids progress differently, and their backgrounds – which maybe unknown to you – play a big role in where they are. We are fully aware of what age mates are doing, and are fully aware of how our children compare to them.

I continue to receive such comments and am simply astounded at how people conduct themselves. When people ask if Little Dude is walking or crawling or if he has any teeth and I respond with a ‘no’ they take a pity-filled tone and tell me what he should be doing. I have this to say, and need to get the voice to say it: Do not pity my child. He has done so much and is growing and developing on his own schedule. I am incredibly proud of him. I celebrate each of his milestones as he achieves them. He is a beautiful, loving, fun, smart little boy and I am blessed to have him. He brings me joy each day – a type of joy I have never known.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times: please think before you speak!


3 thoughts on “Back on this rant

  1. Frankly, I’m a little shocked that E isn’t reading and speaking fluent Portuguese yet :).

    Hugs to the little man, who I understand is now giving kisses. So sweet.

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