(my) Miracle grow(s)

Yesterday was Little Dude’s eleventy billionth pediatrician visit to JDC Pediatrics. We love it there, and we love Dr. Love! No, scratch that. I love Dr. Love. Elijah takes one look at her – and the pretty nurse who always takes his vitals – and screams. All we did yesterday was lay him on the table to measure him and he was off and screaming. Poor kid.

I am thrilled to report that since his first appointment on January 10 he has gained: 2 inches in length (now 28.5 in”), 1.25 inches in head circumference (now in the 17th percentile for his age!) and 6 whole pounds (now 18 lbs 12 oz). YES!

Dr. Love was very pleased to hear about all of his accomplishments over the last 5 weeks, and reaffirmed that it is all directly correlated to his rapid head (read: brain) growth. She told me to expect him to be walking before his next appointment in May. I told her I’d be surprised if he wasn’t starting within 2 weeks. She also told me that his crazy screaming during the appointment was something his agemates do too, that it was perfectly normal, and that it would last about 6 months or so. On par with his agemates? I’ll take that . . . at least I think that’s what she said. It was hard to hear over the screaming.

We are far removed from the lethargic little boy I picked up in December. That little boy made very few noises, very little effort to move, and was just plain tiny. What a miracle we have with us! I thank God for blessing us with him, and for guiding us through this new phase of our life. Let’s hope mommy and daddy keep doing a good job and don’t screw up!



One thought on “(my) Miracle grow(s)

  1. He is SO handsome! You’re doing a great job, Kristen! It’s amazing to see him change even in pictures. It’s very clear that you’re giving him all the love and confidence he needs to be one feisty little man! I love it!

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