A sad day in the Mam house

As many of you know, we have a dear, sweet, dopey pit bull. He topped out at 88 pounds last year, and is now a lean, solid 70. He can knock you off balance in his attempt to smother you in kisses. He will sit on your lap because, of course, in his mind he is a tiny lap dog.

As big and scary as he seems, our poor Spiro gets very cold very easily. During his first winter here we found him shivering several times. Despite vowing to never dress up my dog, we broke down and bought him a shirt. Now . . . this was not just any shirt. This was a camouflaged hoodie, complete with a pocket – because where else is he going to keep his important belongings?

When the shirt arrived we were surprised that it was not actually cut for a dog. It literally looked like a person’s sweatshirt with really small arm holes. It covered what was left of “him” and made doing his business very difficult. I had to have my grandmother contour the belly and even put darts in it. Darts! She said it was the first time she tailored a dog outfit. He wore the shirt so much that it is now so stretched out that it is super baggy.

Spiro loves this shirt. If he sees the shirt on the counter or table, he walks over and noses it and looks back at us with a “please let me wear my shirt . . . puh-lease” look on his face. He did that to me today and I sadly told him no.

Spiro has terrible, terrible allergies. We had tried treating him with a series of pills last year but they weren’t enough. We took him to his doctor (all the way in Gaithersburg, MD!) for the very same test they perform on you unlucky humans with allergies. We went for coffee while he got tested, and returned to find a very dopey, woozy dog. We learned that he is allergic to 14 allergens. Most of them are trees, mold and dust. The only exception to that was cotton. You heard me – cotton. Guess what the camo is made of. 100% cotton!

So tonight we bid adieu to Spiro’s beloved hoodie. It has served him well: it has kept him warm and stylish. It seems to make him feel pretty tough and bad-ass. We may break it out on special occasions, but 99% of the time it will be banished to the closet. We’re sorry, Spiro.


One thought on “A sad day in the Mam house

  1. please tell Spiro that in his case, clothes do not make the man. He is totally buff naked and that shirt was just hiding the real him. Poor baby….allergies suck.

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