Musings of a canine blogger

Finally! This iPad was left unattended long enough for me to post to this blog. It has been a long time since I have posted. Remember – I lack opposable thumbs, so please forgive any spelling errors. And The Woman Who Feeds Me (hereafter referenced as TWWFM) seems to have hidden my thesaurus so my vocabulary might not be as robust as I would like. C’est la vie.

You seem surprised I know some French.

A few months ago TWWFM and TMWFM (come on, you’re smart enough to figure that one out) brought me a little person to take care of. He was really tiny and made funny noises, but I liked him right away. Usually they just get me bones and treats for Christmas, but this time they got me my own person!

At first he didn’t do a whole lot except lay on the floor and sometimes roll around. I would give him kisses but he didn’t seem to care. I knew that I needed to grow up and settle down a bit so I could take care of him, so I did. People came to visit and said I had changed. I was pleased that they noticed. I worked very hard.

As the little guy started getting bigger, he started to notice me. He would pet me and let me give him kisses. Much to the People Who Feed Me’s chagrin, his first word was “duh” – with an emphatic finger pointed at me. He still doesn’t say “mama” but says “duh” all the time.

We are best buddies. He likes to pull my tail, and I let him. In exchange he lets me give him lots and lots of kisses. Now that he can crawl, and is starting to walk, he chases me all over the place. He laughs that funny little belly laugh a lot too. Sometimes I wonder if he is laughing AT me, but I try not to dwell on that. I don’t want to develop some sort of a complex; I can’t even imagine how much dog therapy would cost.

Tonight we played a really fun game. TWWFM was helping him walk. I would run right at him, kiss him really quickly, and then turn around and run away. The little one absolutely howled with laughter. It was awesome. I cannot wait to play that game again!

You know, adoption is pretty cool. Without it, the people who own this house would be awfully lonely, bored, and most definitely would not be covered in drool. FYI – drool is a sign of love.


One thought on “Musings of a canine blogger

  1. Dear Spiro: Great blogging dude! Isn’t it great to have a little man around to play with? Our dog Scout has always loved our Megan and they have always been the best of friends. There is nothing like it. Take good care of Elijah and remember that you have not been replaced, you have been rewarded. Your mom and dad have to be grownups and do not always have the time to play but it is different with your little boy. He is your buddy and he will play with you lots!

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