“Bleep” my kid does

Little Dude cracks me up. I would admit to this simply being parental partiality, but he seems to crack up other people too. He thoroughly enjoys it, and if he finds a winner, he will keep doing it over and over. Perhaps we have a future comedian on our hands?

We were at the pediatrician on Thursday due to his sinus infection. We didn’t have our regular nurse, Monali, but saw her on the way out. She came over to chat. Well, she wasn’t so much chatting as she was oohing and ahhing over him. He usually screams at her because she is either taking his temperature (the horror!) or giving him a shot.  This day, though, was different. I was holding him so that he had a pretty good view of her. He looked her over, and then leaned towards her with his mouth partly open in a smile. I knew what was coming. I told her that he apparently wanted to kiss her. She was so cute about it. She turned her cheek towards her, he grabbed her face, and then he planted a big wet one on her. Immediately a chorus of “awwwwwws” rang out as the rest of the staff saw this all happen. It was so cute, and we all laughed.

It hit me. They hadn’t seen the Hulk. It was the perfect time for it; they were already smitten with him. I said, “Hey Little Dude. Show ’em your Hulk Hogan!” He immediately started to do it. They were like putty in his hands. He did it again. Staff just started coming out of everywhere to see it. He did it a third time and they were all howling. What a ham!

Later that night we were running late to praise band rehearsal. I made sure that Little Dude had his dinner, and cooked dinner for S so it would be ready when he got home, but I didn’t have time to eat. I threw some hummus on a piece of bread, folded it in half and called it half of a sandwich. I picked up Little Dude, picked up the sandwich, and walked out the door. He discovered the sandwich and started grabbing at it.

“This is momma’s dinner. You already ate,” I said to him.

As I went to open the car door, he made his move. Like a ninja he snatched away half of the half sandwich and shoved it in his mouth. I stopped, flabbergasted.

“You just stole momma’s dinner!”

I stood the for a moment, not sure what he would do next. He gnawed on this enormous mouth full of hummus and whole wheat. He realized it was way too much for him and let it fall out of his mouth in my hand. Yes, I got my sandwich back. No, I didn’t want it. I tossed it in the grass. There was nothing to do but laugh. And shove the remaining half of a half sandwich down my throat as fast as I could.


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