Today is Little Dude’s half-birthday. He is a whopping 18 months old. WOW!

I cannot believe that my not quite 26 inch, not quite 12 lb boy is now a 30.5 inch, 23 lb little dude. The kid who couldn’t hold up his head when daddy first picked him up now runs around like a little maniac. The child that hardly made any noises now has 20+ words and 10+ signs. The baby with hardly any hair now has an awesome afro in the making; seriously, his hair is several inches long but you’d never know it. I won’t bore you with all of the amazing developments in this child’s life. I think those are enough to give you a window into that.

He is so much fun. He has a wonderfully sunny personality, and is a total people pleaser. He loves to make people laugh. He will do his Hulk Hogan impression time after time, until it stops getting laughs or until momma says to stop. He claps anytime anyone cheers. (Watching The Price Is Right with him is a riot.) Any time he hears music, he stops what he’s doing and dances, even if he’s at the dinner table. He gives his momma big hugs, and pushes his parents together to kiss before he’ll kiss them.

I dreamt of being a mom all my life. Literally.  For a time I thought it might never happen, but it did. I am a much better mom at 33 than I would have been at 23, so with that perspective, I can say things worked out. I am sure I fail at things on a daily basis, but I can assure you that there is one thing at which I will never, ever fail. I will never fail at loving my son.

We are so blessed to have Little Dude in our life. He has turned it upside down, and that is fine with us. We are tired from working so hard to provide for him, but it’s worth it. S works his tail off at his full-time job and then free-lancing, and I do my best as a stay-at-home mom. We surround him with people who love him, and a dog who is always there to clean the peanut butter off his face.

Tonight we will give Little Dude another chance at smashing his cake. That event was an epic failure at his first birthday party. I fully expect him to be covered from head to toe in icing tonight. It will then become a challenge to get all of the icing out of this child. Parents know this to be a crazy task, and that we will continue to find icing for days. I embrace it.

Happy birthday, Love Bug.



One thought on “Half-birthday

  1. Happy half badly buddy!! Hope you get cake in your ears and up your nose. Glad you are loving spending time with your momma cause we miss her..

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