Wading through the crap

When you start a baby registry, the folks at Babies R Us give you this purple bag with all sorts of stuff in it. One of those items is a spiral bound book that tells you about all of the stuff you need for your new baby.

Need, schmeed.

All of you are smart enough to know that it’s nothing more than a way for them to make money. They tell you that you need eleventy billion items, and that people like your rich Aunt Martha should fork over $800 for a rocking chair. Shoot. You can pay me $800 and I will come over and rock your child for you using your dining room chair – the way you did in 4th grade, except you got yelled at for it then. This time you’ll get a sleeping baby. Just sayin’.

So anyway, on with this blog. (I’m rusty.) There are several items I have stumbled upon and love, and I want to make sure you know about them too. I am in no way compensated by these companies, but I totally should be. And how.

1. Baby Bjorn bib: These things are AWESOME, especially if your child shovels food into his mouth like mine does. Pincer grasp be damned; he grabs it with his whole hand and eats it like it’s being punished. It’s a sight for sure. The carnage is is incredible, and lots of rubble ends up in the trough of this bib. It’s easy for Little Dude to pick it up himself, or for me to run a spoon through it and toss it back onto the tray.


2. My Little Seat:  I can’t find the picture I have of Little Dude in this, so the hyperlink will have to do. I can’t say he’s a huge fan of this, but mom is. This little seat rolls/folds up and fits in a little corner of the diaper bag. We never have to worry about whether a restaurant (or other venue) has a highchair. It fits on just about any type of chair, and is very adjustable. We have used it several times. Little Dude doesn’t like being so restrained, but usually settles down in a minute or so.

3. Food processor: Making your own baby food is so easy. Companies will try to make you believe you need a fancy gadget to do this, but they are wrong. I use a cheapo steamer basket insert that broke apart years ago, but still does the job, for purees and chunkier foods. Once the veggie are steamed, I puree them in the food processor. When making our dinners, I typically pull a portion out before adding the salt and stronger spices (like crushed red pepper) and then coarsely chop them with a few pulses of the processor.

4.  Flip diapers: Seriously, cloth diapering is not that big of a deal. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I bought enough to get us through 3 days, so I do two extra loads of laundry per week. That’s it. Flip has daypacks for sale for $50 that contain 2 outer shells and 6 liners. A daypack truly gets us through a day, give or take a liner. I bought 3 daypacks, plus a single shell and 2 liners form another brand (which I really don’t like). In total, I spent $167. We use 7th Generation disposable diapers overnight, so we spend another $9.99 or so per month.

5. Non-toy toys: Don’t go out and buy so many fancy toys. Empty formula cans, toilet/paper towel rolls, old magazines, wooden spoons, metal pie plates, and empty shoe boxes are all way fun. You can do all sorts of things with those items. If they need replaced, it’s easy and cheap enough. Another fabulous toy – balloons, both helium and non-helium filled. Hours of entertainment…especially if your pet is terrified of the mylar kind.

6. This brings me to the last one. You must get a dog, preferably a shelter dog. Dogs will: clean up the food baby drops, eat what baby doesn’t eat, like baby’s face, alert you to dirty diapers (at least this pit bull does), lick snot (gross but true), protect baby, help baby practice his balance by running dangerously close to him, and all sorts of other very important tasks.


Get this stuff and you’ll be set. If you can only get one of them, get the dog.


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