The tie that binds

Our adoption was a crazy, tumultuous mess. I developed nasty acid reflux, spent many hours curled in the fetal position, and went through many boxes of tissues.

Through our adoption, though, we met 5 amazing families. We, along with 3 of those families, traveled throughout the Ethiopian countryside in search of our children. I took photos of the daughter of another family – a daughter they never got to meet due to her tragic, untimely death. When I went to Ethiopia in December to bring Little Dude home, I shared a room with two of the mamas.

During those few months, we built bonds with these other families. Our families were joined in a very special way. No one else could understand what we were going through. We were so thankful to have each other. And we are thankful to have each other even now.

Tomorrow night we are heading to Louisville for several days. Sovanna has to be there for work, but Elijah and I are going along for fun. Two of the families live there, we decided to go along to see them. We convinced anoth family to drive in from Indiana and one to fly in from Texas. Unfortunately the sixth family could not join us. We are going to have a picnic and celebrate the birthdays of 2 of the little ones.

I am so excited to have this reunion. I cannot wait to see how much the 6 other children have grown and developed. Little Dude has been practicing their names – it’s so stinking cute! We hope to make this an annual tradition.


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