Man I suck at this blogging stuff.

I’d like to talk about how amazing the results have been after Little Dude’s surgery, but I will simply say that his language is improving by leaps and bounds. It’s astounding.

What I’d like to talk about is how blessed I feel. Since we brought Little Dude home, I have known that he was a very special little boy. I knew that God blessed us with a very, very special gift. Why He allowed us the privilege of raising such an amazing child will forever remain a mystery to me.

After spending more and more time with other kids and their moms, I have noticed just how wonderful Little Dude is. It isn’t that the other kids are bad or anything. I just realize how easy we have it.

He is super obedient. He follows directions from us and other adults incredibly well. On those few occasions that he is misbehaving, he is typically quick to come around and start doing what he is supposed to be doing. He’s been in the naughty chair several times, but it’s never for anything all that terrible. He is usually just sent their for standing on the kitchen chairs after we’ve told him to sit – a minor offense, at the most. When he throws items, we make him pick them up, put them back where they started, and then he must apologize. When he takes Spiro’s bones and throws them, we even make him apologize to Spiro. I had him apologize to a store owner after he threw a fit in her store.

He is super smart. He is quick to learn. While his language skills are not where they really ought to be due to the problems with his ears, we can see that he is very intelligent. Like all kids, he is a sponge. But this kid is super absorbent! I can’t get him to color because he always wants to practice identifying shapes, numbers, letters and colors. He knows his shapes, can count to 10, identifies many colors correctly, and is working on identifying letters. He knows so many animals, and the sounds they make. He heard what he thought was an airplane yesterday but upon seeing it, correctly identified it as an “elicoper”.

He is the sweetest kid on the planet. I can’t even begin to adequately describe this. You’ll think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I swear. Little Dude loves to give hugs and kisses. He stops playing and puckers up for a kiss. If I don’t respond right away, he starts making sounds to get my attention, all while maintaining that pucker. (Adorable.) He spends lots of time every day kissing all of his stuffed animals. He always asks me if he can kiss them first, though. He makes the ASL sign for kiss and says, “Give a kiss?” Once I say yes, he leans in and says “mwah”. He does this for every single toy. He kisses Spiro, his piggy bank, his monkey backpack, pictures in books . . . you name it. He even asks to kiss his clothing. Silly kid.

He’s adaptive. He adapted to his role of our son in about 3.5 seconds. He felt like he belonged here from the get-go. He’s met all of the challenges presented to him – and there have been many – and figured out how to conquer them. When we’ve tried modifying some of his behaviors and routines, he’s responded well. He hasn’t found changes like we expected. He transitions well. Even now as we are working on modifications to some of his eating habits and putting limits on the number of Thomas the Train shows he watches per week, we aren’t seeing tantrums. When we tell him “no”, he doesn’t fuss too much. This has been a huge, pleasant surprise to me during recent weeks!

He sleeps like a champ. Seriously. From day 1 he has slept through the night. Sleeping through the night varies between 10 and 13 hours. It is stupendous. We had a two week stretch early last year where he was waking up every night around 2am for a bottle, but it was due to a growth spurt. Aside from that time, I can count on one hand the nights we’ve woken up to a screaming child. Even those screaming “fits” were short lived. We have had only one night where we were up multiple times. I do not suffer from lack of sleep as a result of my child; it’s my own doing. He’s an incredible napper too. Most days he naps at least 2 hours, but many days it’s more like 3+ hours. When he wakes up he’ll often chat with his stuffed animal friends who live in his crib. After a while, he’ll say “All done!” and then we’ll go up and get him. And he never ever fights going to sleep. When told, he simply walks to the stairs and waits for us. He half dives into his crib from our arms.

I may have jinxed everything by blogging about this! Next week I might be faced with a very different child. If that happens, I will continue to shower him with love and do everything in my power to continue to be a good parent to him. That’s all I do now, and it’s all I can ever do.


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