Why I’m amazed I even have friends

Sometimes I am amazed I have any friends. I convince them to go on long trail runs, hikes, and do crazy workouts. They tell me they hate me, yet they keep saying yes. Masochists, all of them.

A running friend of mine is also a personal trainer and, during the summer, we try to get together once a week to work out. Last year she devised the workouts, which all focused on the core, and I cursed her throughout the torture session. This year, things are a little different.

I’ve been bringing along workouts that I’ve been following, and we’ve been cursing them together. We did a brutal weighted push-up/chair dip workout and a bruising (literally) kettlebell/squat workout. Both of them were tough! Since we do these in her driveway, I’m sure the neighbors think we’re just totally nuts. I will not disagree.

Yesterday I presented her with two options. The first was one from the same guy who devised the first two. It looked like it would suck. The second one was something I conjured up with a little inspiration from a new site I checked out. My dear friend chose the second one. It didn’t look all that bad, but since we were pressed for time and had to crank it out fast, it felt pretty challenging. Oh – and we did it outside in the pea soup humidity. Gross.

Give this a shot sometime when you want a quick workout that hits you from head to toe.

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches (we did about half of them with our knees up, shins parallel to the ground)
80 squats
70 leg lifts (we were pressed for time and only did 40 since these are kind of slow-going)
60 walking lunges (having to walk up and down a slight hill whilst doing these made them fuuuuun)
50 mountain climbers (right + left = 1 rep)
40 supermans
30 chair/bench dips
20 push-ups (Get on your toes for as long as you can, ladies!! You can do more than you think.)
10 burpees
5 weighted push-ups

My dear trainer friend just shared this on Facebook, and I thought it was appropriate, so I’m sharing it here.


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