Wednesday workout

I had planned to post a recipe, but after this morning’s workout, I think I’m switching gears. This morning was my weekly workout with my friend Amy, and boy was it fun. I say “fun” in that tone of voice that implies one may have thrown up in their mouth a little. Maaaaaybe.

I offered Amy two workouts, and this is the one she chose. Once again, our workout was nothing fancy. We needed nothing but our mats, a bench/chair, a wall and an interval timer. Oh, and someone to whine to – that’s the most important part. The best part of this workout, versus the other one, was that it truly hit everything. Our other workout option was nothing but burpees for 20 minutes. (The joke’s on her; we’re totally doing that one next week. Teehee.)

As an aside: I had to laugh when I googled images for “total body workout”. Doesn’t this chica look like she is having the time of her life? We looked nothing like that. Picture two bleary-eyed, sleepy mamas, dripping with sweat, complaining about how much they smell. That was us. Not this.

Waaaay to happy
Waaaay to happy

28 minutes of hell
Perform each exercise continuously for 1 minute
Repeat entire workout twice, for a total of 30 minutes (including rests)

  1. push-ups – on your toes!
  2. sit-ups (not crunches)
  3. walking lunges – touch those knees to the ground!
  4. plank (on elbows)
  5. side plank (left)
  6. side plank (right)
  7. supermans/back extensions

Rest 30 seconds

  1. mountain climbers
  2. squats
  3. bicycle crunches
  4. plank (on elbows)
  5. chair/bench dips – legs straight out in front of you
  6. burpees!!!!!!
  7. wall sit

Rest 30 seconds

If you have a HIIT timer, I would suggest doing 7 intervals of 1:00 and :05 to allow you to transition to each exercise without missing the first few seconds of the next one.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday workout

  1. @Wannabe – I agree wholeheartedly! I know of two things worse than burpees. I will try to post them soon. I think you’ll be able to guess what they are.

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