Teething, triceps and trails

Little Dude is cutting another tooth (a lower canine, to be exact). Now, he is a generally happy kid, even during teething, but every so often he loses it and wails at what seems to be nothing. We had lots of breakdowns today. The poor kid. It must suck; he should have been through this ages ago. He has one more tooth to go (a lower lateral incisor) and then we’ll see when his 2 year molars decide to arrive. At this rate, I’m thinking maybe they’ll start rearing their pointy little crowns at about his 3rd birthday. Ugh.

Between crying fits and a super-fun diaper leak, I fit in a workout at the gym today. It’s from the program I follow, and it was tough. I’ll admit that I couldn’t do it as it was prescribed. Fail. But I modified it so that it was still challenging enough, and I’m hoping to feel it tomorrow. This is the original:


3 rounds.  Not timed.  Try to string together all reps of each exercise – no break sets

25 box jumps
5 pullups
25 OH DB strict press 15/20 ea.
5 pullups
25 back squats 45/65
5 pullups
25 OH triceps ext. 15/25
5 pullups
25 situps

Like I said, I had to modify it. I can’t quite do the kipping pull-ups. Part of the reason is because all of the pull-up bars are at a height only giants (read: people of normal height) can reach. Being vertically challenged, I can’t get to them without stepping on a bench. For a workout like this, I would have had to monopolize the pull-up area for a while by dragging a bench over to keep trying to kip 5 pull-ups. It didn’t seem too do-able. I couldn’t really hog up the assisted pull-up/dip machine either. Instead, I did the first 5 pull-ups, and then subbed in push-ups for the rest of the sets. I’ve been slacking on push-ups lately, so it seemed like a good idea.

I managed 2.5 unassisted pull-ups on the first go-round, and then went to assisted ones. I usually use an assist of 33 or 39 pounds, but managed to get through with no more than 20. I was happy. The rest of the exercises went well, but I had to drop to 12.5 pounds halfway through the second round, and for the entire third round for both the tricep extensions and overhead presses. Give this one a shot; it’s fun!

I missed my hour-long trail run this morning due to a storm, so I headed out before dinner for a little more than 5 miles. The trails behind my house are great, but there were oodles of spiderwebs. Some were enormous. I had webs stuck all over me, and bugs everywhere. It was seriously gross, and one of my less enjoyable runs. But check out the views from halfway up the mountain. How can I really be bothered by the webs? After all, I’m the one destroying their homes!

Looking up!
Looking up!
You can't tell how hard this climb is here. It's misleading!
You can’t tell how hard this climb is here. It’s misleading!

Oh yes . . . we took our daily 2 mile walk today. The dog is nuts until we do that. Nuts, I tell you. Passersby probably see the small brunette pushing the 55 lb stroller/baby combo, reining in the 80 lb pit bull and probably think we’re some sort of circus show. We’re not. But maybe we should be.

All in all, it was a pretty active day. Add in some cleaning, laundry folding, dinner making, toddler play, and it was a full one as well. I just caught the last episode of the first half of Breaking Bad season 5, and am fighting the urge to watch the newest one. I must go to bed. We’ve got us another trail run first thing in the morning! Woo-hoo!


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