Thoughts and juice

I have a lot swimming around in my head right now, but I don’t plan to write about any of it. I need to sort it out so it can become coherent. Part of my problem is that I am unable to blog as often as I want to, so I get all of these ideas going, and then get stuck on them. At some point I’ll be able to get my own computer and can write whenever the mood strikes me. For now, I have to strike when the opportunity (not inspiration) arises.

As I sit here watching the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” (and no, I don’t think I can) whilst drinking a glass of wine, I think I’ll share with you some utter randomness from the past few days:

1.  I have a total mommy triumph! In the past 10 days, I’ve been able to get Little Dude to eat the following foods:

  • salmon (S eats it and had leftovers. Since LD won’t eat ANY protein, I take what I can get.)
  • green & black olives
  • orange, yellow and red peppers (raw)
  • red and yellow tomatoes
  • raw spinach
  • cooked swiss chard
  • black beans
  • cooked zucchini

The fact that I am getting him to eat vegetables is freaking awesome. Until now, I’ve had to sneak them into foods. I could get away with cutting parsnips, kohlrabi, carrots and sweet potatoes into strips (like fries) and baking them. He’d dip them in ketchup and munch away happily. He also looooooves pickled beets. But these other veggies are major triumphs. We’ll see what next week brings, though.

2. I ate raspberry jalapeno jelly today. It was awesome. Get the recipe over at

3. S and I celebrated (or, rather, acknowledged) that today is the 7th anniversary of our first date. We went to ABC on Cameron St to watch the Giants play the Colts on that Sunday evening in 2006.

4.  I ran a new (to me) section of the Appalachian Trail on Sunday and had a blast! I love checking out new trails, and this one was a beauty. We started at route 325 at Clark’s Creek and ended up at route 443/Swatara. It was 17ish miles of spectacular beauty. Wow. Unfortunately pictures don’t do it justice.

2013-09-08 09.04.41

We happened upon a mailbox that contained a hiker’s register. I pulled it out and found this. It cracked me up, not so much because of the stoner-speak, but because hashtags don’t work on paper. Unless you’re stoned.


5. I made a yummy beet juice. My friend Bonnie will stop reading now. She’s a beetist (give that one a second chance). A beet-hater. She’s oh-so-wrong.

How pretty is this?
How pretty is this?

I used one apple for mine and two for S’s. Both times I got about 16 oz of juice, just because of the different sized cucumbers.

Well, this disjointed blog is done. I have some work to get done. Hasta luego, mis amigos!


One thought on “Thoughts and juice

  1. Congrats on the Mommy Triumph. Actually, I mentioned you today on my morning run telling a couple of people that you are the smoothest trail runner I have seen – you seem to float. Maybe its the beet juice. Thanks for the follow.

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