Phun in Philly

S had business in Philly from Sunday through Tuesday, so Little Dude and I decided to tag along and play. The hotel was already paid for by the client, so why not, right?

Little Dude and I took the train from Lancaster to Philly on Monday morning. It was his first train ride and he loved it. He spent the first ten minutes saying, “All aboard!” which, sadly, no one said.

All aboard!
All aboard!

Upon arriving in Philly, the next task was to hail a cab. I would have walked the mile from the train station to the hotel, but it was raining and I wasn’t game for that with a kid and luggage. Instead, I spent forever watching full cab after full cab drive by. I got so frustrated. (Oh – this was the first time I had to hail a cab myself. And I determined that I lack that asshole-ish gene that one needs to survive in a large city.) Finally a driver saw me and made the most awkward, illegal 3-point turn to pick up me and my precious cargo. He stuck the BOB stroller in the trunk, which wouldn’t shut. I threw my luggage in the backseat. Then I tried to get in the cab. Little Dude freaked out. It was odd; I’m not sure why this freaked him out. I didn’t have the time to fuss around though, and I just stuck myself – with my child now velcroed to my chest – in the backseat and told the driver where to go.

We met up with S at the hotel but were soon on our own. We napped first, which was friggin’ awesome. I love sleeping, so a 2 hour nap in a bed that I don’t have to make is fabulous.

After our nap, I asked the concierge what would be good to do with a kiddo in tow. Unfortunately it was nearly 4pm, so most of the kid-friendly activities were closed or closing soon. He directed us to Franklin Square, which was a gold mine! It was a fantastic little playground. Little Dude had a blast there. We spent nearly two hours there! We faced his fear of carousels, and he conquered it like a champ. This was our third attempt at riding one, and after some “all done!” chanting, he let me strap him a weird cat figure that was catching a fish (wtf?). Of course he loved it!

2013-09-16 17.15.49

We roamed about the city a bit longer. (As a side note, I must say that if my BOB stroller were ever stolen, I would weep. WEEP! My life would completely change. I’d be immobile.) Finally I decided to look for some food. I tried to find Hip City Vedge, but my GPS wasn’t working quite right, and I didn’t like roaming around a strange city, alone, in the dark, with my child. I quit and went back to the hotel. Thankfully I was prepared and had food for Little Dude. But this was a major city! I needed my vegan fix!

I called Hip City Vedge and discovered that I was in their delivery zone. Perfecto! I ordered a ton of food. A ton. Here’s the thing: when I find a restaurant in which I can order ANYTHING, I order waaaaaay too much. And I eat it. All. More on that later.

I ordered the Udon Salad with chinese black bean dressing, sprouts, arugula, carrots, cabbage, daikon, peanuts & spicy glazed chick’n, sweet potato fries (ahhhh-mazing), kale lemonade (super refreshing) and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake (not pictured). I inhaled all of it. It was fabulous.


Cool delivery guy, but he didn't have a square to process my Mastercard!
Cool delivery guy, but he didn’t have a Square to process my Mastercard!
Udon salad. Oh my yum!
Udon salad. Oh my yum!
Best sweet potato fries ever, even if they were really salty.
Best sweet potato fries ever, even if they were really salty.
Delicious kale lemonade that I had to share with Little Dude.
Delicious kale lemonade that I had to share with Little Dude.
I love vegans.
I love vegans.

The excitement of the day took it’s toll on the littlest traveler.

2013-09-16 22.04.07

I missed going to the nice hotel gym (said sincerely, not sarcastically) on Tuesday morning and slept in. Little Dude and I wandered the city again looking for breakfast. It was hard to come by, for some reason. We ended up at a Cosi and found ourselves some vegan steel cut oats. I got one topped with their granola and pistachios, and I ordered one topped with strawberries for Little Dude. Mmmmmm.

Again, we walked around for a while. We stopped at Franklin Square again, and Little Dude played his heart out. Seriously, what a great little playground!

2013-09-17 12.39.12 2013-09-17 12.23.36

After working up an appetite, we headed over to Blackbird Pizza, an all vegan pizza shop! I ordered a slice of seitan pepperoni for Little Dude and a slice of balboa (roasted cherry tomato, seitan pepperoni, arugula, pumpkin seed pesto, mozzarella style daiya cheese,
chili flakes, olive oi) for me. To be honest, I hate daiya cheese. I hate all vegan cheeses. I gave up on the idea a while ago. BUT, with all of the other flavorful ingredients, it took a backseat and it worked well. I enjoyed my slice so much that I ordered a second slice to take along on the road with me. We also split a chocolate raspberry brownie, but no one really needs to know about that. Oh – I also got a bowl of tempeh chili and a big ole chocolate chip coconut cookie to take home. Nothing made it home; I ate the chili and pizza for dinner in the car, and the 3 of us split the cookie.

I love food.

We spent the following 2 hours waiting in the hotel lobby for S to finish up work. Thank God I have a fantastic child. Between his two toy cars and the Endless Alphabet game on the iPad, he remained entertained the entire time. He did spent some time practicing piano, too. After all, what else was there to do?

2013-09-17 15.29.20We had a nice day and a half in Philly. I’m not convinced I could live there, but visiting it now and again is always fun. I have to say for the millionth time that I am forever thankful to my former teammates who bought me my stroller. Without that awesome contraption, I would not enjoy walking as much as I do with my little munchkin.









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