I have some other blog posts in the works, but wanted to drop a line quickly tonight. My mind is swimming in murky water right now, but it is all okay. I’ve been busy this week using up food in my fridge before it goes bad, and thinking about this weekend’s event: Oil Creek 100K.

I ran this event in 2011 in 15:54. It was my first attempt at a distance beyond 50 miles. You can read about it here. I really enjoyed the race and went back last year to run the 100 mile version. That was super tough, but that was to be expected. I was surprised, though, when I hit the 100K mark and found that I was running 30 minutes faster than the prior year. I had not expected that; I imagined I would be 30-60 minutes slower than in 2011.

Hmmmm . . . .that made me wonder . . . what could I do if I trained for the 100K again?

Well, we’ll see. I had grand plans of being in incredible shape when 10/5/13 rolled around. I was going to be buff, fast, strong, and lean. Yes, I figured I could do all of that, plus parent a child, be a wife, keep a house, be a daughter, and keep my sanity.

I was wrong.

I’m stronger than I was, faster than I was, but I’m not buff and lean. I’m carrying 7 pounds and 3% body fat that I’d hoped to drop. (I dropped 5 pounds and 2% BF but then got lazy. Silly, I know, but those were my goals.) I do, however, believe that I am still being a good mother, wife, daughter and housekeeper. And, to a degree, I’ve kept my sanity. Those are all important things, so I’m happy about that.

I feel pretty good on this Wednesday night, just days before the race. I think I could do well. I think I could hit my goal of a sub-15 hour race. Even if it’s just 14:59, I’d be ecstatic. Truly, as long as I run it faster than 15:54, I’ll be content.

The weather looks pretty good, though a bit warm. It looks like it will be pretty comparable to 2011, when it got pretty warm during the afternoon. Last year was pretty cold and it rained over night. I’ll be done before that hits, hopefully.

I’m heading out with 3 friends, and all of us are doing the same distance. It should be fun. I’m pretty excited to run for 62 mile.

I oughtta be committed.

Good night1


2 thoughts on “100K

  1. You’re in inspiration! I would never run more than a marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but there are some distances that are simply too far 🙂 Best of luck with you 100k! You’ll do great!

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