We suck at vacationing

We just got back from a pretty crummy vacation. Instead of rambling on and on about it, I’ll give you the down and dirty.

The Good Stuff

  1. The beach house was free (hubby’s cousin’s in-laws own it).
  2. The beach house was awesome (4 BR, 3 BA, great views, etc).
  3. I had a yummy vegan bagel BLT at the Mad Batter in Cape May.
  4. We had good beer at the Mad Batter, Cape May Brewing, Victory Brewing and SlyFox Brewing.
  5. We had halfway decent wine at the Cape May Winery and Hawk Haven Winery.
  6. I didn’t have to do much cleaning.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

  1. It was chilly. It was in the mid-60s on Monday and got cooler from there. (The forecast originally predicted temps at least 10 degrees higher.)
  2. It was windy. It started off with winds around 20 mph. By Wednesday night, we had gale warnings.
  3. It rained. It rained here and there Monday through Wednesday afternoon, and then it be came pretty torrential. Parts of Sea Isle City (where we stayed) and Cape May were closed due to flooding.
  4. Little Dude developed a nasty, nasty cough on the drive out. It got bad fast.
  5. Little Dude is a puker. When his coughing fits got bad, he’d spit up a bit. On Monday night, right after getting in his pajamas and during his diaper change, he positively vomited everywhere. It was awful. We did a lot of laundry in 3 1/2 days.
  6. We couldn’t get any exercise.
  7. Since it wasn’t our own house, and we expected to be outside a lot, we had very little along to entertain ourselves. We watched waaaaay too much tv.
  8. We hit traffic on the drive down and the drive back. It was irritating.
  9. The travel plaza with Starbucks on the way home – the one from which I had planned to get a pumpkin latte – was closed.

We just don’t have good lucks with vacations in odd numbered years. We have a bad track record; it’s odd. We’ve decided that we’ll just take little camping trips in the odd years and save up to take bigger vacations in even numbered years.

Buenas noches, mis amigos.


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