Hubba what?

Little Dude watches Sesame Street on occasion, and has picked up saying, “Hubba what?” This is what Super Grover 2.0 says when he’s perplexed. It’s terribly cute when Little Dude says it, and I find it a more palatable alternative to WTF, that’s for sure. A few things have made me say “Hubba what?” recently, and I’ll share them with you.

1. My two most recent posts: They were meant to give you insight into my past (and present, to a degree) so you could understand some of my posts. I did not write these posts in the hopes that I would get compliments, or to be told how silly I am. I recognize that the thought patterns are not healthy; that’s my point. I’m trying to work through it, and it’s not easy. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch. Not even close.

2. My son came up to me and said, “I need fifteen dollars.” Just like that. There was nothing before or after that statement that made sense. I can’t say that I’ve ever said “I need fifteen dollars” in his presence. But the monetary requests are coming. Aw, crud.

3. A friend revealed something to me today that was immensely personal. There was seemingly no reason for this friend to do so, but it made a huge impact on me for several reasons – two of which I’ll share. First, it showed me that my impression of this person’s life wasn’t completely accurate, (and that knowing this fact changed nothing about my impression of said person). Second, it showed me that just because something bad happens to you doesn’t mean you give up. You keep working on the things you can control, and trust that the things you can’t control will work out. You do what you can, and you pray and you hope.

4. Just when mom’s chemo seemed to be going well, she started having problem. Her 7th chemo was probably her roughest. Her 8th (and final) was postponed until her surgeon can examine her. She’s having some issues that are causing her a lot of pain.

5. I really think sugar – even in very small amounts – is causing me GI problems. I have some more experimentation to do, but I think that’s it. Now the real work begins to get the white stuff out of my diet for good. (I seem to be okay with maple syrup and agave nectar, so sweets aren’t totally out.) Boooooooo!

6. The difference between a Bloody Mary with canned tomato juice and fresh squeeze tomato juice is incredible. I made some tomato sauce and had a bunch of tomato juice leftover, so I decided to make a Bloody Mary for lunch. Wowza, that was good!

Well, that’s all. It’s time for bed. I’m hopeful that this next week will bring fewer “Hubba what?” moments!


4 thoughts on “Hubba what?

  1. I’m not sure. I need to work on tracking this better. I definitely have issues after regular old awful white sugar. I’m trying to nail down any other offenders.

  2. Yeah, I don’t do fake sugar. I cut that out several years ago. I opt for either maple syrup, agave nectar or honey most of the time. White sugar sneaks in here and there. I definitely need to cut it out.

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