Cold Mondays and the curse of daylight savings time

It’s definitely fall here in Central Pennsylvania. We are having some really chilly days, and I am not happy about it. I used to love fall. It was my favorite season, and its arrival made me so happy. Now I dread it. I mind the cold way more than I used to. I hate the fact that snow and ice and wind are coming. I hate all of the leaves covering the rocks on the trails, making ankle turns much more common. I’m whiny; I know.

Punctuating the arrival of fall was the change to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. What a double-edged sword that was. I relished in the extra hour of sleep AND went to bed early. I miraculously got over 9 hours of sleep. I was ecstatic. After only getting 4.5 hours the night before, it was awesome. Little Dude didn’t get up too much earlier than normal, which is amazing, if you know how time changes mess with little kids. We started our 7:30am trail run in total daylight rather than at barely sunrise. I thought the day was fabulous.

We were all bundled up for our super chilly run and got in a lovely 7 miles. Afterwards my family and I headed to church. Little Dude fell asleep during the sermon, which is pretty normal for him. We had lunch and I baked some experimental caramel apple cupcakes. (They were good but they were such a PITA to make.) After that, I headed out for another run with a different friend. We got in 6.4 miles rather than the 3.1 we set out for. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon with beautiful colors, but a little on the chilly side for me. Yes, I had on a tank top and shorts, but boy was a freezing when we were heading into the wind in the shade. Wow.

After that, S and I made dinner for some friends we hadn’t seen in over 18 months. They were bringing over their 8 week old daughter, and we were anxious to see them all. It was about 5pm when we looked out the window in horror; it was getting dark out. UGH! Curse you Daylight Savings Time! Curse you!

Now we have lighter mornings and darker nights, and it’s time to get all mopey about it. Evening walks are a thing of the past, for now. The urge to put on pajamas will hit at 6pm rather than 7 or 8. Extra blankets are becoming necessary. And . . . drumroll, please . . . the heat will need to be turned on soon. We have been without air-conditioning and heat for so long thanks to a fairly mild summer, and I’m not looking forward to the increased energy costs.

My dreams of moving to California are beginning. Or maybe this year I’ll dream of Hawaii, to be neighbors to Michelle and Skip!

Did you make it through the change to DST unscathed? Are you as bummed as I am?


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