Never have I ever

I’ve realized lately that there are some things I’ve never done. And they’re silly things. Rather than challenge you to a game of Never Have I Ever, I’ll just make a list.

1. Since I mentioned “Never Have I Ever”, I’ll first tell you that I’ve never played a drinking game. I don’t get them. I wasn’t a drinker in high school, and took an nontraditional approach to college (see #9 below). I rarely went to parties, and when I did, I went to ones where they didn’t play drinking games.

2. I have never made Rice Krispie treats. Never. I just realized this one a few months ago. I’ve made so many desserts in my life. I can remember making creme puffs and eclairs for my family as a 10 or 12 year old, but never Rice Krispie treats. I mentioned this to my mom a few weeks ago and she told me she had never made them either. What? Apparently it’s (not) in my genes! I can’t say that I love them, but at some point I’ll have to try making them. I think when that time comes I’ll make this recipe for vegan pumpkin spiced ones because, really, who can’t use a little more pumpkin in their life?

Seriously, how good do these look??
Seriously, how good do these look??

3. I have never had a pedicure. Ew, feet.

4. I have never worn an outfit and felt like I was rocking it AND that the outfit was stylish. Great fitting jeans? No. Cool boots? Nope. Cute belted sweater dress? Uh-uh. Cute, casual dresses? Nah. I tend to catch on to trends as they are on their way out because I have to wait for the stuff to be available super cheap (i.e. clearance racks). I’m never in style. And I have a strange body shape, so stuff rarely fits “right”.

Little Dude needs this shirt.
Little Dude needs this shirt.

5. I have never had a fight with a girl friend. I’ve had relationships come and go. I’ve had friendships get all weird and fizzle out. But I have never actually had a fight with another female. I hope this never happens.

6. I have never hit anyone when it wasn’t in a joking manner.


7. I have never been anyone’s maid of honor. I’ve been in 3 weddings as a bridesmaid, but never a MOH.

8. I have never said a prayer out loud in public. To me prayer is a very personal thing. I am not good at all with having people listen in on my private conversations with God. Other people are way, way better than that, so I let them run with it.

9.  I never “went to college”. By that I mean that I didn’t go away to school right after high school to live the college life. I started taking classes (1 or 2 per semester, most semesters) in 1997 and finally finished my degree in 2010. That was not a fun way to do it, but I escaped college with absolutely $0 in debt. It was a royal PITA, but it was worth it in the end.

My degree still shows I graduated from PSU, so whatever.
My degree still shows I graduated from PSU, so whatever.

10. I have never gone to a clothing store beyond the caliber of Target or Old Navy (or an outlet) and paid full price for anything. If I own something from Banana Republic or White House Black Market, I either had a coupon or it was on sale (or both). To me, those are expensive, fancy stores. (Well, I can’t say I never did this. When I was 17 I bought a sweater at The Limited at full price with my own money. My dad made me take it back and then wait for it to go on sale. I did. I think I bought it for maybe 30% off a while later. I think this lesson stuck with me.)


So there are 10 things I have never done. There are more, for sure, but these are the 10 I’ve chosen. Are there seemingly normal, everyday things that you have never done? Are these things that you want to do?


2 thoughts on “Never have I ever

  1. Let’s see… I mowed the lawn but only because Paul ended up not being able to. Otherwise, I was totally set to go my whole life without ever having to mow the lawn!! (My dad and brothers did it when I was a kid.) I can’t say I’ve NEVER paid full price for something, but I am very, very, very against it! You know me, I love a bargain as well! I also never had a pedicure, or a manicure because I bite my nails. 😦 Never made rice crispy treats… I don’t want to have to mix in all that marshmallow. It looks annoying.

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