Mom’s surgery went well. The surgeon removed all of the cancerous tissue she could see. Some of this tissue was muscle, but the doctor said she shouldn’t suffer any impairment because of it. Mom and Dad said that I shouldn’t come to the hospital for the surgery, but I did what any child would do: I ignored them.

Mom was pretty out of it while I was there, but we did get to chat a bit. She said her back hurt. She said her front hurt. This was to be expected; she had a graft from her back to cover the wound from the breast removal. She had been in excruciating pain for the last several weeks, so I think she was hoping to wake up in a little less pain. The pain will lessen soon, though. Thank God.

Mom might be discharged today, or it could be tomorrow (Thanksgiving). She’ll have two weeks of recovery and then will start radiation (5 days/week for 5 weeks – Merry Christmas). She’ll also start a different course of chemo. The doctors are hopeful that this will eradicate the breast cancer and they can “just” focus on treating what’s in her bones to make her more comfortable.

Thank you again for your prayers and thoughtful words.


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