More stuff I’ve never done

I enjoyed putting together my last list of things I’ve never done, so I thought I’d do another one. As soon as I hit the publish button for this one I realized I’d forgotten some good ones, so here we go again!

1. I have never had a cavity. (I’m knocking on wood right now. No, I’m beating the heck out of my kitchen table.) I didn’t even have one in my primary teeth, I swear! I am super proud of this one, but at the same time, I’m not positively terrified to get a filling! I know one is coming soon; it’s just a matter of time. My last set of x-rays showed some marks of some sort, but my awesome doctor (who is a good friend and is also a member of the No Cavity Club) at Hershey Dental Associates (HBG area friends – check him out!)


2. I’ve never mowed a lawn. My friend Maggie pointed out that she had never done this one after I posted my last blog. Maggie, you’re not alone! My parents have a good bit of land, and I swear my dad was always mowing the lawn when we were kids. I know he took us for rides on the riding mower, but I never got to use it. I was supposed to be allowed when I turned 12, but when I hit 12, that didn’t happen. I never had a desire to use the push mower. That just looks like too much work. Now we live in a condo community (bleh) and there is a landscaping company who takes care of our lawn.

True and true!
True and true!

3. I have never tried Mountain Dew. I’m sorry, but that color is just gross. Growing up, my mom referred to the Dew as “swamp water”. I guess that didn’t sound very appetizing and it just stuck. Nowadays I don’t drink soda, so this has little appeal to me. I did find a recipe for Mountain Dew cake, which sounds . . . um . . . interesting. I know people make ginger ale cakes, but MD cake sounds like a stretch. I have to say that I like this Mountain Dew Christmas tree. Way to repurpose those cans!


4. I have yet to use a power drill. This one saddens me. I need to be a drill-yielding mama, but my time hasn’t come. Honestly, we rarely have the need for one. We are not handy folks. My mom is a pro at the drill; maybe she needs to teach me.


5. I have never had my eyebrows waxed. It just sounds painful. Ouch. I’d love to have beautiful brows, but I am a total wuss and don’t want to deal with the pain.


6. While we’re on the topic of eyes, I’ve never worn eyeliner. I tried once or twice, but I can’t figure it out. I only wear makeup maybe two or three times per year, so it doesn’t seem worth figuring it out. (I have made it though this year only wearing face paint ONCE. Mike and Katie R.: I got all dolled up for your wedding. Feel special.)

Me, with makeup. Maybe I do need to learn how to wear it. I could use some more color.
Me, with makeup. Maybe I do need to learn how to wear it. I could use some more color.

7. I have never seen the following movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, The Wizard of Oz, and Titanic. You can name any “classic” movie and I can almost assure you I have never seen it. I’m not a big movie person. And when a movie becomes uber popular (especially a romance like “The Notebook”), I purposely stay away from it. I’m weird like that. And I don’t think I’m really missing out.

What? You've never seen my movie?
What? You’ve never seen my movie?

8. I haven’t read 50 Shades of Gray. And I’m okay with that.

9. I’ve never bought a cake at a store. This hit me one day as I was making a cake for a family dinner. The thought has never even occurred to me. I like baking a lot, and I like knowing exactly what is in my food, even if it isn’t healthy.

The fanciest cake I ever made.
The fanciest cake I ever made.

Your turn. Share some of the seemingly normal stuff you’ve never done!


One thought on “More stuff I’ve never done

  1. I love you “never” posts! First of all, I have never had a cavity either! Though I have had my wisdom teeth out, so I have experienced some dental pains. (In fact, when I had dry socket it was the worst pain I ever had in my life.) I get my eyebrows waxed, but not as much as I should because I hate paying money for it. I wish I knew how to do it myself. If someone good does it, it does NOT hurt. But the last time I went the lady SUCKED and it hurt so bad. I never read 50 Shades but I would like to. 🙂 Just to see what all the hullabaloo is about!

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