Winter sucks

I used to love winter. I used to love sledding and playing in the snow as a kid. Even as an adult I liked it. I took after my dad and rarely wore a coat unless it was snowing or super windy. I can vividly remember walking into work, coatless, with snow on me, and people looking at me like I was nuts. I loved being all bundled up in sweaters and jeans. It just made me happy.

At some point this all changed. I think it was when I got super skinny. My body fat was super low and I got cold easily. I started needing blankets at work to stay warm. Even though I’ve been a normal weight and had normal body fat percentages for years now, that chill has stuck with me. Now I abhor winter. I hate the cold. Wind makes me cringe.

If given the choice between perpetual heat and perpetual cold, I would choose the heat in a second. I sweat like a whore in church, but I’d still rather deal with the heat than the cold. This is stark contrast to my old “I can just put on more layers” philosophy. Now I get irritated when I’m doing more laundry because of all of the layers. Summertime laundry is fantastic. It’s a few tank tops and shorts. It’s awesome. Winter laundry SUCKS! Big bulky sweaters and sweatshirts that take up a ton of room in the washer and take forever to dry. Talk about an energy suck!

I’m really starting to loathe winter running. It’s not even the cold that gets me; I can take that, for the most part. It’s the almost constant wind and that ever-present darkness. It’s so hard to get myself out the door, even with though I have some great cold weather gear. I don’t have much of it, though, so I can’t fit in all that many runs per week, but it’s some good stuff.

While I hate winter running, I have to admit that I do love a good snowy trail run. There is something so amazingly beautiful about being out in the woods while it’s snowing. You can hear each little snowflake landing. The woods are silent, so that sound is unbelievably loud. If you are lucky enough to lay down the first footprints of the morning, you feel like the whole world is yours. I’ve put down tracks even before the woodland critters on occasion. If your run is long enough, your footprints might be gone by the time you come back through, giving you the chance to repeat this “first”.


Some old photos from an AT run
Some old photos from an AT run

I woke up today with plans to host a run in my neighborhood. I was supposed to have 5 people showing up. One by one they’ve canceled, leaving only me and Charlie to run the hilly roads. (Charlie is fast, so this is likely going to be painful.) A big part of me wanted the snow to hold off – like it has – so we can get the run in before it’s arrival. There are some hills that could get tricky in the snow. But another part of me was disappointed when I looked out the window and saw nothing. I kinda wanted to have that Zen-like experience this morning. Even though it isn’t a trail run, you can still get a sense of that quietness on the back roads in a good snow.

Tomorrow’s trail run might be snowy, but that remains to be seen. I haven’t seen a flurry yet, and it was supposed to be the end of the world today, or something like that. I sure hope everyone is enjoying the French toast they are making with all of the eggs, milk and bread they bought at the store yesterday. The shelves were bare! I had to climb up on something and use my go-go Gadget arms to reach my almond milk, and that has never happened before!



One thought on “Winter sucks

  1. We have some huge snow flakes over here finally! I didn’t run yet but I’m heading out in a bit. My face will most likely freeze, but I am looking forward to a pretty, snowy run. Trail would have been a lot nicer, though! Hope you had fun with Charlie!

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