How a trip for super glue, almond milk and spinach turned into a really positive excursion


I try really hard to practice random acts of kindness. Sometimes I’m better than others. Today, though, it was my turn to be on the receiving end.

I’ve been trying to sell a bunch of stuff on Craigslist lately, and got a taker for my broken Garmin (and charger). I arranged to meet the guy at my local major food store, despite wanting nothing more than to snuggle up in a pile of blankets in this bleeping cold. I gave him the Garmin stuff and he gave me a $10 bill. I headed into the store to grab 3 things: unsweetened almond milk, super glue and spinach. (Weird combo, I know.)

As I approached the checkout lanes, I realized I have forgotten to grab my credit card from the console when I bailed out of the car into the cold. All I had was that $10 bill. I knew that the glue and spinach were on bonus buy, but I was thinking I was going to be approaching $11. I decided to ring myself up at the self checkout and save the spinach for last. I had other greens at home I could use, but didn’t have milk or the right kind of glue.

I rang up the glue and milk and then realized I was going to be over for sure. I turned to the clerk who was (wo)manning the cashier station there and told her my dilemma. I asked if I could give her the spinach to be put back.

“It’s probably only going to be a few cents over,” she said to me.

“Yes, but I only have a $10 bill, ” I responded as I hastily re-checked my coat pockets for change.

“I know, but it will only be a few cents over $10,” she repeated. At this point I looked at her like my dog looks at me when I ask him why he chewed the handlebar of Little Dude’s trike.

She then explained to me that she could round the bill down and take the cents off. I was in shock. This could be done? I told her that it was okay, and that I could get the spinach another time. “Really, it’s okay,” she said, with a smile and a nod of her head. I thanked her profusely, and quietly, and moved back to my station.

After I swiped the spinach over the sensor, the “wait for attendant” message came up on the screen and then my total magically showed as $10. I inserted my $10 bill and took my receipt. I thanked the woman again as she flashed me a large smile. I don’t know if that’s a thing they are permitted to do or not, but it was cool. I couldn’t help but wonder if the same thing would have happened if I would have had Coke, Doritos, Twinkies and a tv dinner?


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