This lame blog

I’ve been absent from this blog for 3 1/2 months. Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by that. As I’ve mentioned several times, we have been a one computer household for several years. My husband is a free-lancer videographer/producer/director/all-around-media guy, so he got first dibs. If I wanted computer time, I had to get up super duper early in the morning to snag it. Being the full time mother of an active kiddo, that never happened. I snuck in some quick blogs here and there when he would be out on shoots or at meetings. It was very hit or miss. It sucked.

In July he took a job out of state. He leaves early on Monday and comes home late on Friday. Needless to say, he takes that computer with him. Apple has refused to acknowledge my pleas for a free computer via social media, so now I’m thinking I should consider asking Santa. I’m pretty sure that avenue won’t yield any results either, even though I’ve been especially nice this year.

In the meantime, I’m using my mother’s old laptop. My Dad offered it to me a while back and I decided to take him up on it. It’s old, but it gets the job done. The neat part was that it came with lots of her files on it. Most are work related, but there are some videos, photos and even some letters she wrote on it. She would rarely let her face be seen on video or in a photo, but there are a few videos that have her voice on them. It’s reason enough to take this laptop, even if it’s not the best. It has her voice on it. Her voice. Even typing those words chokes me up. I wish I could hear her voice again. The last few words I heard her say were tough for her. They didn’t always make sense. But I would take those moments again if I could have them. It wasn’t the time or place to get out the Samsung and take video of her, but part of me wishes I did. Those moments are pretty ingrained in my brain, but I wish had the pictures or sounds to go with them – not just what’s in my head.

Whoa. That got deep. And I’m not going to lie….I cried a little just now. So anywho….back to this blog.

So I have this laptop now, and can try to get back into the blogging routine that I was never really in to begin with! I like blogging; it’s a way to get out what’s in my head. I don’t know if you all enjoy reading it, but since there have been hits on it even though I haven’t been publishing anything, I guess some of you do. I don’t plan to catch you all up on the last 4 months; that would be annoying. However, I think I will sneak in an entry about my pacing duties at Anne’s first 100 miler last month since it was a lot of fun. I hope to get that out in the next few days.

I hope I can do a little bit better at this whole blogging thing this time around. If I can’t, maybe it’s time to hang up the old keyboard.

Good night!


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