I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last blog. Things have been busy around here. First it was the holidays, and then it was my new job. I’ll blog about that soon. Stay tuned.

We’ve been having a lot of winter weather for what seems like a long time. It seemed to get cold early this year, and we’ve had several small snows thus far. Thankfully they’ve melted pretty quickly, but I still hate it. I absolutely hate winter. We’ve had some snow this week/weekend, and while it wasn’t a lot, it was annoying.

My original plans were to run 17 miles on a local trail route yesterday and then 7 miles on the trails behind my house today. An overnight snow thwarted yesterday’s plans, so I had to figure out a plan B. Plan B involved running on the roads near me. I am not a big fan of road running anymore, but sometimes it is the solution. I NEED to get miles in or my training plan is going to fall apart. I didn’t think I would get as good of a workout yesterday in the snow, so I opted for snow-covered payment. I conned my neighbor into joining me for the first 4 miles and we had a good time. After we came back home, I checked in with my husband and told him I was heading out for 6 more. I knew at this point that I was overdressed (in a light pair of tights and a mid-weight half-zip), but I didn’t feel like going in to the hassle of changing. I did, however, ditch my super heavy gloves for a pair of throw-away race-day gloves that came out of the dryer during my first loop. I was roasting, so that minor change made a big difference. I returned home less than an hour later….sopping wet. In the 91 minutes I was outside the temperature changed quite a bit. There was a ton of slush and lots of puddles through the last few miles. It was messy. I was glad that I got out there, but I was glad to be done.

When today rolled around, I decided to stick with my plan to do 7 miles. While the roads were clear, the trails were still very snowy. While it wasn’t more than 3-4 inches, it was difficult to run in. I’m the idiot in shorts. The appropriately dressed gal with me is Anne. Our friend Roy was trying out some new app so he was snapping photos the whole time.


I forgot how difficult it can be to run in snow. I didn’t really get out much in it last year, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve done it. It takes more energy that you’d think!


Getting up the mountain quickly just wasn’t happening. We had to hike it. I’ll feel it in my glutes tomorrow, I’m sure of that.

20150125_165433810_iOS 20150125_165639603_iOS 20150125_170651150_iOS

Once we got to the top of the mountain, running the ridge wasn’t too bad. We ran into some mountain bikers at our turnaround who gave us kudos for being out in that stuff. Running down the mountain in the tracks that were laid before ours was difficult so I took to running in the untouched stuff on the sides of the trails. That worked pretty well for the most part, and kept my slipping to a minimum. I nearly bit it once, but managed to stay upright. I fought hard to keep my bare legs from getting covered in snow! All in all, it was a good run, but 14 minutes slower than our normal pace.

We’re supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow between now and Tuesday morning. Ugh. Come on, spring!


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