My New Job

In my prior life, I worked at a large medical insurance company as a business analyst. It was a good company with great benefits and I liked my co-workers and customers, but it was most definitely NOT the job for me. I always knew that. I spent nearly 14 years there before I was able to do what I always want to do: I became a stay-at-home-mom. It was the absolute BEST career change in the world. I have never regretted it for even a second. Some of my stay-at-home-parent friends say that they miss the adult interaction and mental stimulation they had at their prior jobs. I don’t. I’m fine with what we have going on here. It’s the best. Some days are harder than others, of course, but overall it’s excellent.

Being a stay-at-home parent, though, means that only one parent is earning money. It’s a struggle, for sure. Budgeting is mandatory, and we skip out on a lot of things we would have previously done. To try to bring in some extra money I decided to get a job. Since I like my kid so much, I figured I would bring another tiny human into the house for 40-ish hours per week.

Friends of ours had a baby in June. Several months before the baby’s arrival I approached them and asked if they needed a sitter. They quickly agreed to let me watch their little guy when she went back to work in January. For the longest time, it seemed so far away. It seemed like that first day would never come.

Suddenly it was the weekend before baby R’s arrival and I was running around this house like a crazy person trying to get things set up. I was anxious. I was nervous. I was excited. I went to sleep wondering how crazy the house would be for the next several months, wondering if I was crazy.

My not-so-little helper

I’m totally not.

Things have been great. Baby R is 7 months old and he’s pretty awesome. He LOVES Little Dude and Spiro. When Little Dude walks into Baby R’s line of sight, the little one giggles and grins the biggest toothless grin. When Spiro comes around, Baby R tries to pet him and defends himself against the onslaught of licks and kisses.

The best part about these last 4 weeks with Baby R is what I’ve seen in Little Dude. He’s been absolutely awesome. He hasn’t exhibited any jealously whatsoever, and has been a fantastic helper. I’ve played up his role as the “big boy” and he’s running with it. He likes to show Baby R how a big boy does all sorts of things. Today he showed him how a big boy goes to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. It was Little Dude’s first dental cleaning and I expected him to throw a gigantic fit. But he had a job to do, and had to make sure Baby R knew how big boys behave.

20150129_153926 20150129_154025

When Baby R starts to fuss, Little Dude runs to him to tell him, “It’s okay. I’m here.” or to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” to him. My heart melts every time. It’s so stinking precious. The best part is when he makes up songs about how much he loves the little stinker.


I think these guys are going to be buds.

And I think we need another baby in this house. If only it were easy!


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