I should let my dog run this blog. Or maybe Little Dude could do it; he’s learning to read and write, so he’s already halfway to being qualified! Either one of them could surely do a better job than I do at this point, that’s for sure.

Since I last wrote, Little Dude turned 4, my dad took us to Disney World, we got a bunch of snow and had super-duper cold temperatures, and my husband had a birthday. It’s been a busy time, especially with the addition of the baby that I watch during the day. He’s a busy kid – way busier than Little Dude ever was.

I’m so happy that spring is coming. We had some nice weather over the last week, but it’s only going to be about 24 degrees for my morning run, and we’re supposed to get a “wintry mix” on Friday . . . the first official day of spring. I sure hope that the local meteorologists royally screw up this forecast and that we get nothing. I might lose my mind if we get measurable snow. It’s supposed to be 54 degrees on Saturday, so if we get anything, hopefully it melts.

I’m ready to be able walk the dog without bundling up like I live in the Arctic.

I’m ready for the dog to stop shivering – even inside the house.

I’m ready to be able to take the kids to the playground to burn off energy.

I’m ready to be able to take the kids outside to play or take a walk without first dressing them like big, fat marshmallows.

I’m ready for a break on my heating bill.

I’m ready to stop craving calorie-laden comfort foods and to crave fresh fruits and salads.

I’m ready to stop wearing so many danged layers on my runs.

I’m ready to stop doing so much danged laundry from so many layers!

I’m ready to get some fresh air in this house.

I’m ready to get some more exercise in the form of more runs and walks outside.

I’m ready to see green grass, flowers and leaves on my walks again. (Looking outside now, it’s hard to believe I took this picture along the sidewalk.)


I’m so ready for spring.


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