I just don’t know what to say . .

Two folks shoot up a holiday party and kill 14 people. They leave those families in mourning. They leave children without parents. And they somehow decided to leave their own 6 month old baby without parents. Perhaps it’s better for that child to be orphaned than to live with such awful parents, but . . . my God . . . imagine what that child has to live with. Knowing what their “parents” did.

In Ohio, little¬†Kinsley Kinner was beaten to death by her “mother’s” boyfriend. The mother knew what was happening and did nothing. Her father is now left with a huge hole in his heart, and a beautiful 2 year old is gone from this earth.

In Pennsylvania, nine year old Jarrod Tutko weight 17 pounds when he died. NINE YEARS OLD. He was born sick, and his “parents” neglected and abused him for years. He died a horrible, long, painful death. He did nothing to deserve such a life and death.

There are so many stories of terrible parents that I can’t even begin to comprehend them. These stories bring tears to my eyes every time. They break my heart.

Being a parent is not a right. It’s a privilege. It’s hard. It’s wonderful. It’s gross. It’s amazing. There are way too many unfit people who are procreating. And there are too many people like me and my husband who can’t. It’s tragically unfair. Good, upstanding people like us are left to spend tens of thousands of dollars (which are not easy to earn these days) to hopefully-maybe bring a child into our family, while these “parents” reproduce like rabbits and ruin (and at times, take) their kids’ lives.

I can’t even process all of this. I get choked up and can’t talk about it. I can’t even finish this blog entry because I don’t know how. Hug your babies, even if they aren’t babies anymore. And if you don’t want your baby, seek help. There are people who would love to love them for you if you can’t or won’t.


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