An update . . . and baby news!

Little Dude is enjoying some quiet time, so I thought I’d quickly crank out a blog. Well, HE’S not enjoying the quiet time, but I am. Life has changed since my last blog, so here are some updates.

My husband’s virtual reality business is really doing well, and they have a major event coming up in 2 weeks. They are working with some big names in the entertainment industry, so hopefully the exposure will yield additional work for them in the future.

Little Dude and I started homeschooling. We had been doing little bits of stuff here and there, but now we’re doing it 3-4 days per week. It’s going pretty well. He gets frustrated with reading, so I don’t push it. He does like activities that build the foundations for reading, so we’re sticking with those. He likes math, though, so we’re working on addition. He gets frustrated at times, but he’s usually pretty proud of himself, so overall it’s looking good. We also look into 2 animals per week, using coloring pages, videos online, a set of animal cards my mom got me when I was his age, and Wild Kratts! He loves Wild Kratts and can spit out lots of animal facts I don’t even know! So far our homeschooling experience has been fun. I’m not putting any pressure on either one of us since he just turned 5 four weeks ago. He’s not even eligible for kindergarten until September, so this is all just for fun. When he seems like he has enough, we quit.

Our dog, Spiro, is a mess, as always. His allergies are never under control. He put on 20 pounds in 4 months due to a newly discovered thyroid problem. He’s now on weekly allergy injections, two daily allergy pills, daily joint medication for arthritis and twice daily thyroid pills. I’m anxious for spring to come so I can get him out for longer daily walks again. He really needs them!

So now for the big news. My Facebook friends already know this, but I’m pregnant! I’m 13 weeks and am due on 9/8/16. If you’ve read this blog for years, you know that we struggled with infertility. We adopted our son in late December 2011. We had really given up on the idea of ever getting pregnant some time ago, and were focused on doing another adoption. After talking about it for some time, and getting Little Dude’s input, we decided to start another one. Around the same time, I started feeling funny. On a run (of course) I mentioned how I was feeling to my running partner, who is a PA. She simply mentioned that I might be experiencing a hormone change. She was ever-so-gently suggesting I could be pregnant without coming close to saying those words. I took a test the next morning. No one was more shocked than I was to see those pink lines. I’ve taken many, many tests over the years, first for A Conception Story (the TLC web series we did) and then randomly over the years. (I took them randomly because for so long I didn’t have a monthly cycle so there was no way for me to know if I was “late” or not.) I never even had to question whether I saw a line. Those tests were always glaringly negative. This one was positive in about 3.2 seconds. I was shocked.

So far, everything looks good. I’m waiting on some blood work that will let us know if the baby has some possible issues, but for now things look okay. I’m anxious to get through  my first trimester so I can (hopefully) feel better. I’ve been exhausted and battling nausea. Just when I’m feeling better for a few days, those symptoms come back. But it’s all good.

So that’s what is new with us. I hope you are all well!




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