My family is small, and is what you might consider to be a “collage” of sorts. I’m white, my husband is Cambodian, our son is Ethiopian, and our dog is a pit bull. We live in central Pennsylvania, close to both sets of parents.


I am a stay at home mom, but previously worked in the health insurance industry for nearly 14 years. Prior to that brief “career”, I was a secretary for a very small Christian college, a server at a Shoney’s in rural Georgia (a circle of hell, for sure), a hostess at Red Lobster, a clerk at a grocery store, and a cashier at an antique mall. I should say that I was NOT a job-hopper. Only one of those jobs was a summer job; the rest of them were fairly long-term. I’ve been working since I was quite young, and my favorite job – by far – is my current one.

My husband is a tv producer and free lance director/producer/videographer. He does some fascinating stuff. He does some excruciatingly boring stuff. But he loves what he does AND it puts food on the table and gas in the car. Win-win.

Our son, who I will refer to as “Little Dude” is 2 and is the most amazing blessing. We had a tumultuous adoption which seemed like it would certainly fail. It didn’t. You’ll hear a lot about him, I assure you.


Our dog is 3 1/2 and is quite a nut. He is an obsessive licker, so if anyone has any ideas for stopping that, please share them. He licks absolutely everything and everyone, and nothing we try stops him. He’s a fairly anxious dog, and has severe allergies. We have to give him shots to manage them. Seriously – did you know there were canine dermatologists and allergists? There are. And they are few and far between. We have to drive 2 hours to the nearest one. It’s crazy.

I will fart on you.


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