Long runs

It’s been a while since I’ve done some good long runs. I did manage to log 15 miles on New Years Eve morning and then 10 more on New Years Day but both routes were rather flat and not too terribly rocky.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Jeremy and several other runners about an hour from home for a great point to point run. My family was gracious enough to get up before 6am and drive me all the way down there. They deserve some applause. As a nursing momma, I have to keep the Little Avocado in mind when I decide where and how far I am running. I cant be gone too long. She’s super stubborn and doesn’t want anything that closely resembles my milk. She eats very well but gets angry after a while and only wants me. We are working on spacing out those feedings so I can get some longer runs in.

Back to yesterday….we got in 19 miles with some very good climbs and beautiful stretches of easy running. There waa a good bit of snow so we were a bit slower than usual, but it was fun.

When I got home I showered and tried to get my daughter to nap. She wasn’t having it. I gave up and decided to make something to eat. Everyone else had finished lunch so I thought I could eat in peace. Every mom reading this is laughing at that sentence because they know that doesn’t happen. This girl came over and opened her mouth wide for some food. I shared, of course, but I didnt want too! I was so hungry.

The kids did some Cosmic Kids Yoga (Star Wars, of course). I would have joined but my knees were achy. I’m getting old.

So today was round 2. The full run was 23 miles but I was worried about my knee with the huge jump in mileage. I met the gang for 14 instead. We had everything from snow, to slush, to mud, to ice. My ice trekkers were amazing through it all. I love them and didn’t have any problems.

All in all, I feel great despite raising my miles pretty fast. My body is remembering what this is all about. I even powered up a pretty darned long, steep climb at a decent clip. Now it’s time to eat. The kids are all ready for the Eagles game!


1 thought on “Long runs

  1. Thanks for fixing the link, Kristen! The snow person was cute, and the vista in the picture before that was awesome! Thanks for sharing your progress!

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